Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Let's catch up.

Lately, these are things in my life:

* I photographed this cutie again!

facebook preview-15
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* And then I photographed this high school senior; she's an amazing young lady!

facebook preview-2facebook preview-5

*Today I had a job interview (wish me luck!).

* I am tossing around the idea of trying the photography business again... I am gathering thoughts, planning, taking practical assessments of taxes & boring business stuff, & basically getting my ducks in a row.  Let's not get too excited just yet!

* Eating healthier & trying to exercise a little every day.  Usually this results in morning walks, or, when pressed for time, simply parking further away from my job & walking a little that way.  I have consumed a ton of fruits & veggies lately, cut out all sodas (but ginger ale, I love me some ginger ale!), & started drinking 5-10 glasses of water a day (we are not talking 8 ounce glasses of water here.  These are 12-16 ounce servings...yes, I float around with all those fluids!). 

What have you been up to?  Post me a link to your own "ketchup" post, or simply fill me in in the comments!

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  1. Please come on some of my hikes, they take forever, but clear the mind!


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