Sunday, March 10, 2013

Humanity Project

I am not usually a person who gets involved in giveaways or big internet project things.  I figure they almost never work out for me, or I always notice them too late.  But I stumbled upon this one & was intrigued.  And early enough to have a shot at participating.


Turns out, I was one of the first 100 responses, & I received the only fancy perfume samples I have ever ever owned in the mail.  Which is a nice feeling when you are expecting & downsizing & cannot justify immediate purchases like perfume when you never really bought any before, but want something to make you feel just a tad more sophisticated in your sweatpants & belly bands.  Extra perk?  These scents were created based off of someone's life experiences, & are intended to bring aid to those who need it.

I really, really love the Amara scent.  It is what it says it is; woodsy, smoky, full of mystery & spice with pleasant top notes that, on me, transformed as my day went on, evaporating from a deep musk to a lighter, floral scent with a spicy base.  I adore earthy, exotic scents that tie me down like roots; comfortable & nurturing.  This one was not Bear's favorite, though.


Bear prefers the Savann scent.  An actual floral scent with a sweet fruity finish, this much more feminine perfume is grounded with a rich sandalwood base.  It is a flighty scent that remains tethered to some form of earthiness, if that makes any sense.  I appreciate it as well; especially for office wear.  It is just understated enough for my library life, but bold enough to keep things interesting.


While the little sample spray bottles are adorable & I love the scents, the project itself is what initially piqued my interest.  It is no secret that I dream of adventures in this big world of ours.  Of meeting people who live daily lives that are so entirely different from my own, whose cultures are rich with heritage & tradition, saturated in color & incense, steeped in sacred teas, or cooked in intimate kitchens full of flavor & ripened fruits & vegetables.  The world is full of people in various living conditions... & not all of the people in the world are as lucky as we are.  I was drawn to this particular project because Anne & MCMC fragrances were given inspiration in their art while giving back to the community that served as their muse.  And I think that if you can do that while pursuing your passion, you deserve to be cheered on, however you can be.

I received two postcards with my samples as well, & was asked to write an example of a time I was shown compassion from someone else.  You can see the postcards with the perfume samples above.  What would you write for a time when someone showed you compassion?

If you are perfume connoisseur, I highly recommend these alluring scents.  They are unique, handcrafted (guaranteed with love, how adorable is that?) & they come from a place with a lot of heart.  The company is Brooklyn based & has a myriad of other scents & products as well, which you can find here.  Their mission with the Humanity Project is further expounded upon here, as well.  Finally, you can see what other projects have been a part of their journey or await the company on their blog!


Just to clarify, I am blogging about this simply because I think it is a great idea that deserves some acknowledgement.  And I loved the scents.  Other than participating in the project as outlined in the first link on this post, I am not affiliated with MCMC Fragrances in any way.
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