Saturday, May 3, 2014


We have been on a journey with Rue into the West this week! My cousin is now a married lady, I have hugged a redwood, & now I am writing from my phone in the desert, under the roof of my husband's brother's beautiful family home! 

Rue did so well for her first time flying! We were moved to our own row on the long flight, so we were able to buckle her between us when she got particularly fidgety. 

Here are some photos from our adventures thus far (all from my iPhone, edited with VSCOcam, snapseed, & Mextures apps):

This trip has been amazing so far (follow me on Instagram to see our adventures as they unfold!), but the highlight for me has been seeing family. I haven't seen my cousins in ages & Rue has finally met her cousin, L! My heart may have exploded.

The girls are forming a band. You should hear the harmonies! Haha You can tell from the album art that an iTunes release is imminent! ;) (or not, but come on, that photo just SCREAMS "band album cover")

A couple of my images on IG are my submissions for Sakura Bloom's next sling diary series. I have been trying to be a diarist for... Forever, really, & I am hoping this time may be my lucky break! If you are unaware of the series, I urge you to check it out ( or #slingdiaries on IG)! Search #sakurabloomauditions on IG to see my submissions & others, as well. There are so many inspiring thoughts on the topic of "courage".

I plan to pick up blogging again... Probably mobile blogging like this. I wonder what this entry will look like on the computer? Hmmm... I hope the formatting isn't wonky. My OCD for formatting makes me nervous when it comes to mobile blogging!

Anywho... Thanks for reading, especially those of you who have stuck around through my silence! I appreciate you all!
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  1. So many sweet photos, and such a good little traveler!
    And can I just say that airport travel sounds impossible without babywearing? It's how we carried him around, how we soothed him through the chaos, how we kept our hands free for dragging suitcases and pulling out tickets & IDs... I see parents with little ones and no stroller/sling sometimes and have no idea just how they do it!


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