Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days & Desert Dreams

I always forget that snow in Maryland typically happens after January. I am always in the mood for some snow in December, when we never get any, & by February, I am ready for Spring. Last year, Rue's first real snow day happened in March!

snow kisses-1

Today is a snow day. The temperatures are up, so it is quickly melting away, but when we woke up this morning, white blanketed everything. Several fluffy inches coated the garden, the cars, & sat like spoonfuls of ice cream cradled in the upturned leaves of the magnolia. However, Rue has been sick this winter a couple times, & she has a runny nose today, so we spent this particular snow day cuddled indoors.


I kept finding my mind racing back to last April. We had travelled out to California for my cousin's wedding, & then flew down to Arizona to see Ted's brother & his family. I've been to Phoenix three or four times now, & every time I visit, it digs its claws into my heart a little deeper. In a dreary Maryland winter, I find my mind playing tricks on me. I see a large saguaro looming over an icy pond, before I realize it's really just a skeletal bog tree, jutting up from the slushy depths of the muck. Sometimes, I think I have desert fever.


There is a definite beauty to the marshy watershed I live in. I find it beautiful in its own peculiar way. But a part of my soul yearns to bake in the desert. That purifying dry heat that we never find in the swamps, the kind that makes you feel like a new you.

I wonder if we all have heart-homes. I wonder if everyone feels an affinity to a different place at a different phase in their lives. I miss Louisiana, sometimes, and other days, I long to return to the mountains of upstate New York, or to the shores of North Carolina, or the California Redwoods... but most of the time, when I feel a calling, I feel drawn to the desert, as if by a spiritual magnet.


If you can't go where you feel you must, you can at least indulge in the memories & the photographs!


Do you have a place in this world that calls out to you?

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