Friday, April 3, 2015

Hopping into Spring

Spring is always a high-energy time for me. I thaw out my winter doldrums & throw myself into productivity. Sometimes, this is a great development. Other times, it becomes almost obsessive. I am not a perfect person, & I am easily swept away in my "flavor of the month" activity from time to time.

A couple weeks ago, Ted & I realized Spring was upon us, & summer would be close at hand. While I missed the kiss of the sun on my face, I also realized that the creep of humidity would soon invade our swampy homeland & seep under the doors & ooze through the screened-in windows to wrap its unapologetic cloistering grip around our entire beings. Something about humidity is so repugnant to me. It's like trying to breathe underwater. In most cases, we can find respite indoors, where the air conditioning helps dry out the home environment to a less "drowning in the air" degree. But our A/C died shortly after we returned from AZ last summer. We braved an entire Southern Maryland summer with just one window unit tucked into our bedroom. We spent a lot of time in that bedroom. We ate there, we watched TV in there, we read to each other in there, we showered in the adjacent bathroom & rushed back into the bedroom before the hot sticky summer atmosphere would render our showers useless. The rest of the house? It was like a sauna.

One night, I went to the kitchen to get some water, & detoured to the craft room to get some yarn, when I noticed it was over 100 degrees INSIDE the house. We left all the windows open, desperate for a breeze. Sometimes, we got lucky, but mostly, we got more humidity or thunderstorms, which caused us to dash around closing windows before the rain made puddles on the floor. So, this year, our big purchase is a new A/C unit.

As Spring drew nearer, I was bit by the productivity bug, yet again. This time, I decided to crochet my bean bunnies as a "jellybean" limited edition color way for Easter. Then, I made little mushroom rattles & mitten pops. And before I knew it, I had made enough in a week to make a little pop-up-shop type album on my Facebook for friends & family who wanted something handmade to add to their little one's baskets. I was hopeful that they would sell, but trying to be realistic about it, as well. I booked sessions, too. I got new supplies to make new balms & linen sprays & decided to try to earn the funds for the new unit. And, with the help of Ted's holiday bonus... we did it!

Now, I am raising money to fix the A/C in my car. Seriously, the humidity is trying to kill me. It is murdering all my A/C access.

 What are your goals for Spring? Does anyone else jump into a creative endeavor every year? I hope your endeavors are fruitful!

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