Monday, November 2, 2015

Uncle David's Visit

My family is wide-spread. We are actually strewn all over the place, but most of us have, somehow, localized in a few areas. Generally, we visit family in one of three areas that isn't the DMV: New York, Michigan, or Arizona.

Still, we have family members in other places. We have family in Florida, Alaska, Colorado, & even Scotland. I would love the financial status to be able to say "& we visit every one of them where they live!", but the truth is, we generally stay put, & when we can make a trip out to visit, we try to plan so that the most family possible is within a 20 miles radius of where we will be staying.
It's a rare treat, then, when one of the family members from one of the places we never get out to has an excuse to come to us. My Uncle David was in the DC area for work, & my family all hopped in the car to join him for dinner. Sneaky guy treated us (we treated him last time, & Ted created a small distraction at our table while I told the waitress it was Uncle David's birthday, & boy was THAT a fun memory!!!), & we caught up & laughed over family stories & what-have-you. Rue was given a balloon by the very thoughtful waiter, & later, we watched while it made its great escape from chubby fingers into the big blue sky, while Ruby cried "oh no! Bah-woon, cohm BAAHHHK! ...Pwease cohm bahk?"
Rue has met Uncle David now two times, both when he has been in town on business. I am so grateful that we have made it out to see him, if only for a couple hours, when he is local! I do hope to head over his way some day, to return the favor!

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