Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Adventures of Tic-Tac

Our cat Tic-Tac is an indoor/outdoor kitty (actually, they all are except for Cyn), and like the others he always comes home at the end of his day for food and water and a couch to loaf on.  On Monday morning, Bear let out the kitties that go out as usual.  I did some work around the house and waited for their return, as they often drop in and want out again midday.  Rummy and Zia came in for food and rest, but no Tic-Tac.  I told Rummy to find him and being him in that night.

Fast forward to today.  I still hadn't seen Tic-Tac since Sunday night, and Bear hadn't seen him since Monday morning.  I was really, really concerned because Tic-Tac ALWAYS comes back home every day.  It was really strange for him not to return, and I was beginning to fear the worst.  So I went out to look for him, trying to push the horrible thoughts out of my head.

I started by where he usually hangs out when he's out, by the shed and my car.  I called his name and heard mewing.  I should have thought about this... he very rarely makes sounds, he's a pretty quiet kitty, and I had no idea what he sounded like in distress.  Either way, I knew the mews weren't those of a content cat, and they came from inside the shed.  I had to move a bunch of stuff to get to the door, but when I opened it, no kitty was inside.  I looked up in my frustration and saw the air vent by the roof moving, like something was trying to push it out.  Low and behold, I caught a glimpse of the orange fur of my Tic-Tac.

I went through the backside of the shed and there he was, stuck up in the crossbeams.  Now, I always thought cats were good at jumping short distances, but mine seem to be confused.  He wouldn't jump, wouldn't climb down the levels that I created for him.  I finally pulled over a stool, climbed up, coaxed him over to me, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him down.  I got scratched in the process, but as soon as he was cradled in my arms he began to purr.

Now he's up on the couch, sleeping soundly, snoring his little kitty snores.  At least he's stopped wolfing down all the kibble... I was starting to think he would make himself sick (although I don't doubt he was hungry!).

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  1. I'm glad you found him!

    Zorro got himself all wrapped up in the Christmas lights in the tree before it was decorated, and LOST HIS MIND when someone tried to help. Once he got over the scare factor though, he was super snuggly.

  2. Me, too!

    I think cats do that. The "I'm independent dammit and I will figure my way out of this" thing while panicking. Then when you rescue them they are all emotional from their near-death experience. HA.


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