Sunday, March 27, 2011


I don't plan on blogging every weekend, because I hope to be out living life, but this weekend has been pretty emotional.  Bobby's passing was the news that started my Saturday, and Patchie and her Nametwin (who will be "Cupcake" here, because she is so sweet and petite!) stopped by to pick me up for an adventure.  We're all a bit poor (if you are not poor, and wish to donate to the stop Marizabeth and friends from being poor fund, comment and let me know!  hehe), so we try to make our fun.  Saturday we went to the Humane Society to walk a little guy the girls had walked before, called Ace.  He was adorable, and so full of puppy energy and love that he definitely helped to lift our spirits.

While Ace was adorable, we had a little bit of a sad encounter.  A man who is being deployed brought his cute little pooch, Louis Vuitton, to drop off.  He had to sign the waiver about possible euthanization and relocation of the puppy.  It was pretty heartbreaking, and since we can't just adopt the little guy, we left.  I was also a bit saddened by the small enclosures for the animals, how they are all starved for attention and love.  Animals give love so freely, it's beyond me how people can be so cruel to them, or simply ignore them.

Louis is the little guy at the bottom center of the collage. Check out the extra kitty toes and the poor pirate kitty.  The dog, Skye, has the prettiest eyes ever.  The two kitty brothers ran hot and cold... they really competed for attention, though!

All in all, things are gradually returning to normal-ish.  The sun rises and sets, and life goes on.  We're all still a bit sad, and we are waiting for details about Bobby, but we're learning to laugh through the tears.

Friday night, before the bad news, at our Local Redneck Bar... complete with tobacco barn.  Always worth a laugh looking at these photos!

I'll be back tomorrow with an Etsy Monday- things that remind me of Bobby, of course.  xo
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