Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day in the Life

So, the article I was interviewed for came out today.  I don't get the paper, so I relied on friends who facebooked me (oh, modern communication) about it, and found the article online.  It didn't turn out too bad.  I was afraid it would turn out all wrong, making me sound either stuck-up or undeserving because I attributed the win to so many people, but it didn't do either I think.  I was really lame though, because when asked how many shows I had done at the theatre in my life I drew a blank.  I guesstimated somewhere between 30-50 shows overall, but maybe not all at the same theatre.  The article said I had been affiliated with 30 to 50 shows.  I realize now that there is a pretty big gap between 30 and 50 and I see how silly it looks in print.  Oh, well.

Me and my WATCH Award (I keep it by a window so in the morning I have this neat prism morning sun effect in the bedroom.  It looks like a monument, but cleaner.

St. Paddy's day was such fun!  I had a blast with Patchie, Her Boy, Bear, and other friends.  We started at the Local Irish Pub and migrated to our Usual Thursday Night Bar where karaoke was happening.  I had quite a few delicious Guinness beverages, followed by Killian's and some whiskey, ate some chicken tenders (oh so Irish of me) and bangers and mash, sang a lot of Irish tunes, and somehow wound up bringing home a big green hat with feather trim and a tiara on it, a Jameson's wrist band (the sweatband type), and some beads.  Nobody got pulled over and we didn't see any of the alleged 27 checkpoints in our area.  All in all, I call that a good night.  Not that I'm not feeling it now.  Because I am.

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Today was worky.  Yes, worky.  BUT it's so pretty where I work, I could never complain!

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I was happy that my coworker was also a bit hung over, and we did everything on our checklist while chatting about our shenanigans and drinking water.  We had to learn the process of selling items in the gift shop or exhibit to guests, so we each picked out an item and purchased it.  Better to actually go through the motions and make sure you understand the process, right?  And now I have these adorable glass mushroom earrings.  Yay!

Happy Friday!  A few fun links for your weekend entertainment...

Rootbeer and GingerSnap flavored liquor?  Yes, please!

* Every year for Christmas, my Bear and I are gifted about two calendars each.  What to do with them all after the year is up?  Seems a waste to throw them out... why not upcycle those calendars?!?!

* I like to pretend I'm pretty crafty, and really want to learn to knit and crochet.  When I do, I am so making this adorable granny blanket for our bed!
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