Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linking Buttons

I am in the process of making buttons that will be available for copying and pasting onto your blog that link back to mine!  I love finding these on blogs I like to follow and adding them to my sidebar, so I asked the lovely Kaylah about how she made hers and she responded super promptly (thanks so much!).  I am making three different buttons at three different sizes for now (three is my lucky number).

Here are the three designs at the sizes they will be (the middle one has been modified):

I also changed the blog name.  I had originally just used "A Many Splendid Thing" referring to "Love", as it was the blog name for the one about my upcoming wedding.  It was sort-of a hand-me-down placeholder name.  I decided on "Freeze Frame" because I am a photog, and this blog is a record of various frozen moments in the timeline of my life.  It feels much more ME.

Would anyone use the buttons I am creating?  I have a growing readership, which is fabulous, and I really hope you all like what you see!  I like thinking that I am rounding up some of the fun things on the internet and bringing them together in one place for your enjoyment!

* NOW AVAILABLE in the right sidebar!  Yay!
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