Friday, March 25, 2011

Photobomb Friday

Hello and happy Friday!  This post is gonna be kinda quick, I had work today and I have to shower and run to a live performance tonight!

I have several cats and a dog, but my favorite cats are Rummy and Tic-Tac.  Rummy is my fav because he's a bit feral, and really took a liking to me.  He's not very friendly with other people for the most part (even Bear), but he always loves a good cuddle with me.  Today when I came home from work he allowed me to tag along some of his front yard adventures with Dart, a completely feral cat that we have NEVER been able to get a good picture of.  All the previous pictures of him have only been of his tail, or a blur of him running away.  Granted, he let me snap a handful of shots and then ran under the house.  But I got him!  Yay!  (Rummy is the Tiger cat and Dart is the more Siamese-looking one.)

And here are some of the handmade lovelies sold at the gift shop at work...

Okay, I gotta run!  Can't wait to see Patchie and Her Boy at the show tonight!
I also hope we will have more Weekly Dinners to post about... I miss them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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