Friday, April 8, 2011

Photobomb Friday: RennFest Nostalgia Edition

I gotta run to work here soon, but first I had to share some favorite memories from the MDRF (that's Maryland Renaissance Festival)!  If you have seen Patchie's blog, then you know the girl loves her RennFest (don't we all?), and since she is my MOH and very very close friend, we have that in common!  So I threw together a few of my favorite shots from last year.  My fav MDRF things? The details people use in their costumes, the lovely handmade goodies for sale, honey from the Bee Folks, and The Day of Wrong, where you are likely to meet a storm trooper, Waldo, and maybe even Freddie Kruger...

Happy Friday!  What's your favorite local festival or activity you do with friends?
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  1. I know! We will go adventuring this year, though, and it will be epic. We will be medieval paparazzi!


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