Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Details

Sorry for all the late posting.  I've been feverish lately, and every time I take Tylenol (just the normal kind) it knocks me out for about 10 hours.  At least I don't feel feverish anymore... but tired, yeah.  Too much sleep.

Anyway, on to wedding things!  Today I am focusing on details, because they are fun.

Stationery is something I collected my whole life... and never used.  It's so darn pretty I feel like I am damaging it if I write on it.  I am making my own save the dates (anyone find it odd that the acronym for save the dates is "STDs"?  I do...) but I am trying to find something quirky and unique for invitations.  I keep gravitating towards eco-friendly yet collection worthy options.  I may be the only person on the planet to save EVERY wedding invitation and baby announcement I ever receive, but these are so beautiful and creative, I can't imagine people throwing them away!

wooden invitations via: nightowlpapergoods

pretty & fun stationery sets via: papermadedesign

I am not a very dressy girl, anyone who knows me can attest... I am a jeans and t-shirt gal.  But, weddings are pretty formal for the most part.  Bearing this in mind, I am still against having all the bridesmaids wear the exact same dress.  I love that my friends all have their own personalities, and I want that to show through.  I also appreciate that my friends are not made of money, so I am all about finding affordable dresses that have longevity and can be worn for various outtings after the wedding.  Enter sites like Ruche and ModCloth... cute dresses, decent prices, lots of styles that complement one another.

my selection of yellow and blue dresses via: ruche

I am serious about the money thing... so many people seem to think a wedding is a good excuse to drop a ton of money.  Not me.  Here's one of the contenders for my wedding dress... not looking to spend a lot, and trying to get something I could reuse later.  Also, I refuse to wear an official wedding dress... I am clumsy and WILL ruin taffeta or silk... plus I kinda disagree with charging $1,000+ for a dress.  The only real wedding dress I would ever wear would be my mom's, if we can track it down (she borrowed one of my aunt's dresses, and my other aunt's veil).

I am allergic to flowers (well, life...), so for the bouquet I need an alternative.  I am planning on making my own and nearly flipped when I found a tutorial by a bride who did the SAME EXACT THING I had been planning on doing myself!!!  I had been sketching ideas in my wedding sketch book (if you are a bride-to-be, I highly recommend doing this.  I always have it on hand for when inspiration strikes, plus I put business cards in it and I always carry a camera so I can snap a shot of something I see and like, print it, and add it in the sketchbook), but this tutorial helped to answer some of my how-to questions.  Plus, it incorporates buttons, which I have been collecting... forever.

via: rocknrollbride

An idea with an heirloom bouquet like this... why not squirt some of your wedding day perfume on it?  It will give it a scent, and every time you smell it, it will be multi-sensual (touch, smell) to remind you of your wedding day!

I had initially fell in love with these heirloom bouquets, but again, they cost a pretty penny (even if you make them yourself), and I like the greater color options of fabric.

silver and ivory teardrop bouquet via: dcbouquets
Lastly for this installment; shoes.  I am very nervous about shoes.  I am, as I already stated, pretty clumsy, so heels are scary for me.  But, if I wear a tea-length dress, heels would help make me look a little taller (I'm a shorty) and sophisticated.  Maybe heels for the ceremony and flats after?  Who knows.  All I know for sure right now is that I want some colorful, fun, quirky shoes!

via: irregularchoice
via: titilung

Well, that's it for this week's Wedding Wednesday!

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  1. In accordance with Wedding Wednesdays... can we try having Skype Dates on these days or evenings. This gives everybody a chance to chit chat as if we were all in the same State, annnd we can web browse things like those fabulous links for the fun dresses!

  2. Oh my god, I call one of the 2 blue dresses in the top row. Especially the first one. WANT.

    We will have a flower making party! If you want a different texture in there too we can crochet some flowers. And I love those heels.

    We just need to sit down and talk wedding. We gotta get your save the dates done!

  3. Robin- we could try! I may be getting a job soon in which case, I won't be done working until 10pm Mondays-Fridays. Possibly. We shall see.

    Patchie- I saw that particular dress and instantly thought of you! haha I LOVE the idea of crocheted flowers. So. Much. And yes, we need to get going on Save the Dates, as soon as I hear back from the venue that we actually have it. Which means I should write another (official) letter about that I suppose. ha.

  4. Oops. Mondays- Thursdays. Fridays I still work 11am-4pm. Duh.

  5. Those flats are SO cute.

    I can't wait until I get married! We aren't engaged yet, but are getting married before next January {my grandparents leave the country for a year and a half then and I HAVE to have them there} Ya, we're kind of weird to plan our wedding before we're engaged haha

    I love the idea of fabric flowers. There are so many options, and they'd last forever!

    And I also save paper because I can't seem to use it! i also collected stickers for a long time and NEVER wanted to use them.


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