Monday, May 2, 2011

Etsy Monday: Love Letters

For some reason, I am really feeling the love letters vibe.  I always try to theme my Etsy dumps, and that was the first thing I typed in without even thinking about it.  When that happens, I figure you go with it.  So, here is a collection of love to help you out of the Monday blues!

Spread a little bilingual love with these love notes!

via: naomicayne

Button up your overcoat with a little love note...

via: andwabisabi
 Wear your heart on your sleeve, or your shirt!  S.W.A.K. and send out ASAP!

via: ritzeerebel

Love's the word in this stitched word search puzzle!

via: rugglesstitch

Keep your eyes sharp for potential love letters!

via: tilependantjewelry

Love letters can be found everywhere if you look hard enough!

via: konabdesigns

Seal your love with a few hugs and kisses kept over your heart!  Adorable jewelry, from an equally adorable seller!  I got a thanks message right away for merely liking this item!  Very attentive!

via: dprintsclayful

For all the love letters you have yet to write, keep a lovely place handy for whenever inspiration hits!

via: prettyneurotics

So however you want to express your love, keep these adorable handmade gems in mind!  Stop by the shops and show some love!

Have a happy Monday!  Today is my first day at my new job!  Eeep!

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