Monday, May 23, 2011

Etsy Monday: My Birthday Edition!

So, my birthday is in two weeks, June 3rd.  And, today's Etsy Monday is all about things I would love to get!  haha  Why not?

These amazing earrings!  So pretty!

via: ashleyspatula
 I love everything from this seller... especially this cute ring!

via: jerseymaids
 I already have one of Couch's amazing camera straps, and would looooove another... especially the VW one in the middle!

green, red and blue straps via: couchguitarstraps
 I LOVE these!  So colorful!  The orange and turquoise-blue place mats would make a perfect tie in for the kitchen colors and living room colors in our apartment!

via: avrilloreti
 I'm a major Who geek... this hoodie is ammmaaaazzziiinnnggg!

via: geekiana
 These are so cute and look like a fun little desk accessory... or potential wedding decor...

via: wendiland
 Kaylah revamped her shop, branding, and pouch designs... and I kinda love the result!  You can never have too many pouches...

via: kaylah7

I am determined not to forget my birthday this year!  Sadly, I often do, or I remember it but we don't do anything for it.  This year will be different.  I am taking tips from Patchie.  haha

I also still really want this camera... Bear almost bought it for me last year, but the pricetag was kinda big for a gift from just him.  So, maybe I can convince him and my folks to go halvsies?  Or maybe I can pay part....

Have a happy Monday!  Thanks for indulging my birthday fantasies!
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  1. I want that blue camera strap!

  2. I know, they are soooo gorgeous!!!

  3. I like all of those things! Hope you get at least one of them. =]

  4. awesome! I have been looking for a unique camera strap and just snagged the orange one :D Thanks for the recommendation!


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