Monday, May 30, 2011

Photobomb Friday: Que Siraz Sirah...

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day long weekend!  Clearly, I am still struggling with internet here... anyway...

I don't remember what the difference is between Siraz and Sirah... something about the roots being grafted maybe?  Something about Siraz being from Turkey?  Not sure.  But I had a blast this past weekend with Patchie, Her Boy, Kaite, her boy, my Bear and a few others at Ingleside Vineyards!

It began innocently enough... we arrived in defiance of a threatening sky that quickly yielded a beautiful day... we sat in the courtyard and began noshing on the crackers and cheese my Bear packed... Patchie and I ran rampant like wild women with our cameras.  There was also a little museum on site of stuffed animals and Native American mannequins.

We waited on the whole party to arrive and entered the gift shop where we checked in for our free tour.  It's a small establishment, but a real charmer. They have tons of oak barrels, a few steel vats, and their own mechanized bottling line, complete with regular and specialty labels.

After our very informative tour of the two buildings on site, we got down to the good stuff... the wine tasting.  This is why I cannot for the life of me remember the difference in Siraz and Sirah... but it made a clever title.  For a mere $10 we all took the full tasting experience... and it was more than worth it.  Bear and I even found some wines we agreed upon, which probably means my tastes are becoming more refined, or we were more tipsy than we thought, in which case by that time everything tasted amazing!

Following the tasting we purchased a couple more glasses of wine and leisured about the picturesque courtyard a while longer, lingering in the early evening sun while munching on more crackers, cheese, hard salami, fruit and Patchie's "you're having a baby boy"-blue-iced- made- "you're getting married"-purple-iced-with-silver-sprinkles cupcakes... which were delicious, if a mouthful to say!

We wrapped up the evening with a trip to our local Outback Steakhouse for real food, and I think I managed to surprise Patchie with a free birthday brownie... which is a feat, considering I was really giggly and less-than-covert at that point!

Hope you enjoy the Photobomb!!!  Anyone visit a local winery lately as well?  I'd love to read about it and see photos!  Happy weekend, Snappers!

Of course, this weeks Gratefuls!

Well, I am off to continue kitchen renovations... our last day (hopefully)!
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  1. Oh god, that is not a flattering dress when I am sitting. Yikes. Haha.

    Thank you so much for coming with us and for my Super Surprise Brownie! I have a feeling at the very least the 4 of us will be doing these a LOT.

  2. haha, I didn't notice anything until I went back and looked. Sheesh! You are just like me!!!

    And I hope so, I had a blast!


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