Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As Promised... a Lack in Posting

As I mentioned before, this week is crazy, so I won't be posting as often as usual.  I hope you lovely readers will stick around anyway!  I promise a big reveal of all we've been up to... it's gonna be a virtual tour of our apartment!  Yay!

Today I was pleased to discover my LibertyBelt I bought from Etsy arrived!  I am so excited about using this for the wedding... it's even one of the wedding colors!  Since I will be wearing nice dress pants with shallow, useless pockets, this will provide me storage for extra batteries, filters, SD cards, and lens cloths... and other small necessities.  I am so excited to use it!

I ALSO received my cat nip felted fish from Claire of Nothing Happens Unless We Dream!  Sinful Cynthia and Zia Maida gave the fishy a trial run... Zia was completely perplexed, but Cyn was in love.  In fact, we decided we have to keep the fishy away from them unless we supervise their playtime, since Cyn is determined to eat the fishy up!  She was adorable while attacking, though.  (Please excuse my bedroom... it was a catch-al while we were cleaning, and is the last room to get organized!)

haha, she was so hard to capture in her crazy cat nip frenzy!
Father's Day this past weekend was wonderful!  I escaped the weddingness took some time to treat my parents to brunch on Sunday and spent some quality time with my dad.  Mom took the best picture of us to date, I think!  I am so happy with this shot!  I can see that resemblance people always told me about in the past...

Then Bear made steaks and fries for his dad for dinner, and Tori made some veggies.  We picked up the quarter keg for the new keggerator, so draft beer was the beverage for the meal!  It was a good day all around!

Keep tuned... this week will feature a series of posts giving you a virtual tour of our newly purtified apartment!  In the meantime, I am working while these focused helpers work around the house... see how attentive they stay?  Clearly, they never get bored or distracted...

Even our nephew-kitty Trot is on the job!  Or... sleeping on the job.

 Hopefully, Bear is a better supervisor than I!  Haha
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  1. 1. You know how dumb Zorro normally? It's multiplied with catnip.

    2. That is a FANTASTIC picture of you and your dad.

    3. That picture of Josie where she looks baked is hysterical

    4. I miss you, your 18 cats and a dog, and I can't wait for Sunday, either!

  2. hahaha, I need a video post of Zorro on catnip. I have video of Cyn that I need to add music to (all you can hear is the vacuum and me trying to get her attention, and maybe a few "meows")! It's kinda awful on the technical side, and kinda adorable. :)

    Sunday is on the way! Let's get through Saturday first, it's gonna be so much better with your help! Best. Friend. Ever.

  3. Ahhh! Lovely kitty photos!!
    So glad they liked it!


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