Monday, June 13, 2011

Etsy Monday: Sneak Peek of the Kitchen!

So today I have located items on Etsy that would go perfectly with our new kitchen... and I have prepared some sneak peeks for you, too!  The big reveal will come later, as we are still working on some details.  We probably will put off some of the finishing touches until after the wedding, since we are at the point where it looks pretty good and is functional.  The last few things are only aesthetic things we want to incorporate, but can live without for the time being.  Anyway... here are today's finds!

These copper measuring cups measure up to our aesthetic!

via: hurstdesigns

This beautiful color study would enhance our palate, as well!
via: painttheory

These earthy rock magnets would help to disguise the refrigerator in it's natural setting...

via: aremarkyoumade

This painting of orange marmalade against a soft blue background would help set the tone for a tasty treat...

via: permanentmagenta

These wooden shelves wouldn't look out of place with our cabinetry! (I like how the seller used one image and mirrored it... are there really two shelves?  You decide...)

via: sundaytreasures
So... here's the sneak peek... can you see where the above items may add to our design?  (Please forgive the weird colors... I tried to correct them, but this camera really picks up on the yellow tones in tungsten light!  Lesson learned...)

(haha, I have really messy chalkboard handwriting... that isn't how I usually write!  I swear!)

Psst... I also changed up my banner!  I like how this one is a little shorter, so the banner isn't as overbearing as the original!  I also updated my business site today!  Productivity makes me smile!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

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  1. So when are we having our first dinner party?

  2. After the wedding! haha Maybe the following weekend? Deal?


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