Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Virtual Tour: Collections Part 1

I am finally finding little nooks and crannies for all my beloved collections!  I collect a ton of things: vintage cameras, anything elephant related, salt & pepper shakers, state quarters, pretty paper, ribbon, twine, buttons... a lot of things.  Not everything is out and pretty yet (the quarters are patiently waiting for a nice shadowbox or something, the buttons still live in an old tin, paper and ribbon are hidden away in the craft bureau...) but hopefully one day they will all see the light of day!

The elephants are by far the largest collection.  It all began with the fragile white set of big to small elephants I've had since childhood, and cannot for the life of me remember who gave them to me (or if I just laid claim to them) or why.  I do recall dropping the largest and his back leg popped off.  Dad glued him back together for me and now he has one opaque hip from his surgery.  Poor little guy.

I mentioned to Bear's parents that I like elephants once, and every year I get lots of elephant things, from statues to tables to stuffed elephants that hold heating pads and vibrate to relax muscle tension.  Yes, I am serious.  Other friends have also gifted me elephant things, too, so I get a huge variety of collectables!  I love my elephants, and am determined to find them all homes!  Here is most of that collection:

 I also have a pretty sweet elephant tattoo, I love them so much!  One can never have too much pachyderm paraphernalia!  <3

Keep tuned for more!  Hope you enjoyed this peek at my biggest collection!  Tomorrow, I will show you my two second-largest collections in their homes!

Do any of you collect elephants or a different animal?  I notice owls, deer and cats are pretty popular animals to collect... I have a few of those in miscellaneous collections, but elephants hold my heart!

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  1. I have kept an eye out for tailless/manx cat stuff, but it is VERY hard to find! Everytime I see cat things, I look for one with no tail, but I never find anything.

  2. Yseult- I will totally get you something to fit that category if I ever come across it!!!


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