Monday, July 11, 2011

Etsy Monday: Summertime (& the Living is Easy)

Happy Monday!

Today I looked for fun things that screamed "summer" for me.  I love the longer days and spending time with friends and family, eating on the porch with the overhead fan lazily fending off extreme heat and humidity, and events like Bear's bonfire which we had last Saturday!  But summer is also a time when I look forward to lazing around in the AC catching up on some TV and working on making our apartment look more home-y.  I also tend to put more effort into my outfits and accessories in the warmer months!  All of this, combined with a little whimsy, is rolled up into today's Etsy dump!

I love the ambiance this charming chandelier would create for a sweet get together with friends (like our wedding planning and lemonade and cupcake making day!), and how summery is it?!  It reminds me of catching lightning bugs!

via: bootsngus
This necklace reminds me of our baby birds, who have grown and flown away now.  So sweet.

via: 4everchic
Hot temperatures and crazy humidity mean I almost always have my hair pulled up off my neck.  These ocean toned elastics are pretty and different!

via: erikafaz
Florals are not my favorite pattern, but these bracelets remind me of going to pretty flea markets and treasure hunting at garage sales... sometimes you find really lovely vintage things!

via: soradesigns
I LOVE peacock feathers... the colors are so amazing!  This recycled fabric necklace is gorgeous... and probably appropriate for any season!

via: sandeeknits
These little flowers are intended as a boutonniere, but I think they would be sweet in a miniature glass vase, maybe as a collection!

via: dailyfibershop
Friendship bracelets were always the summer accessory of my childhood.  This one is so sophisticated, the friendship bracelet is definitely cool again!

via: jdstar

Another pretty necklace!  I love the veins in the stones!  Sooo lovely.

via: lagartoart

 Finally, summer is a time to get up and get out!  Adventures in the park, at concerts, at festivals... having something to tote your essentials (and fun finds) is a must!

via: luckycann

What are some of your favorite things for summer?

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