Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it REALLY only Tuesday?!?!

So this morning I taught a lighting workshop at the Local Theatre in Bear's stead.  I am pretty awful at it, because I don't really know how to work all those gadgets, but he was unable to get out of work due to a last minute change.  I really hope those kids felt they learned SOMETHING.  Anything.  It was nerve racking!  I went armed with my iPhone and notes I typed up last night while Bear dictated.  I learned about fresnels, ellipsoidals, parcans, as well as lighting areas, keylight, and backlight in theatre terms.  I know a little about lighting from a photographic standpoint, but it's kinda different in theatre.

Anyway, after sleeping in and waking up literally 15 minutes before my class was supposed to start (and making it there in time by some miracle), I spent the rest of my afternoon prior to work chilling on the couch in the AC.  It is so horribly HOT here in MD.  Miserably so.  In fact, I just witnessed a spider book it across the sidewalk till it reached a little spot of shade.  Then I thought it died.  Then I realized it was just taking advantage of the intense relief that sliver of shade brought him.  Even the arachnids are melting!!!

Is it ridiculously hot where you are?  I wish this were me right now!

Soon, I plan on making cucumber-lemonade chiller!  Perfect for this weather. I also plan on experimenting more with all the spearmint we've managed to grow this year!

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