Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPhone Photo Apps

I know many of you have entered the world of the iPhone as I have, and maybe you are or are not enamoured with it as I am.  As a photographer, I have a few apps I cannot be without!  These apps take my iPhonography from simple mobile phone snapshots to little portable works of art!

Here is my list of must-have iPhone photo apps!

*Instagram.  This little app lets you share a running feed of your on-the-go snapshots with a wonderful lo-fi feel with various filters and a tilt-shift generator.  You can follow other users, hashtag for Twitter, share on Facebook, and interact with those you follow.  People can like your images and comment on them too!  It's a wonderful little app that I use every single day.  Best part?  This app rings up at a very affordable $0.00.

*Lo-mob.  Another way to create dreamy, lo-fi images on your iPhone.  Lo-mob is NOT a free app, but isn't very expensive either.  It also has a ton of helpful tools and gadgets, giving you more control over your final image.

*More Lomo.  Cute, FREE, easy to use.  Just snap a photo in the app and instant lomography gratification.  Super saturated colors and dreamy focus.  Brilliant!

*myPB v2.1.  A photobooth for your pocket.  Nothing is better than that!  Simply choose the orientation of your multi-snaps and click the shutter button.  Pose, change, again, one last time... and you have a cute little digital photostrip.  You can choose black and white or color options, too.  It's such a fun little app!

* moreBeaute2.  This handy app is like carrying an airbrush artist in your pocket.  Took a great image of yourself but hate that your skin looks uneven? This little app can help gloss that over.  I find it is especially helpful with portraits taken with the More Lomo app, which tends to pull out brighter reds in skin tones... not exactly attractive!

* Polarize.  It turns your iPhone into a Polaroid!  Who doesn't love that?!?!?!

*Labelbox.  Add text to your images with Labelbox!  It's free, easy to use, and kinda adorable.

*Project 365.  If you plan on doing a 365 Project but want to keep it really casual, check out this app!  Take one photo every day with the app, and it's plugged into a calendar, creating a grid of images from every day of your year!  You can also import other images if you choose to shoot with another camera or app.  Simply sync up your iPhone and plug in your photo(s) of choice!

I have over three folders of photography related apps, but these are the ones I use the most.  Hopefully some of you will find something useful in this post!

Happy Tuesday!

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