Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Muse: Leo Fuchs

I have another photographer today to discuss, since I am running on empty in the wedding arena.  But don't think of this as a filler post; if there is one thing I am truly passionate about, it's photography!

Leo Fuchs was in the rare position of being a trusted photographer in Hollywood's hay-day.  Think Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn... you get the idea.  Those static idols of the silver screen, icons of a bygone era.  Fuchs not only managed to photograph publicity shots on set, he befriended the stars and was able to photograph the people behind the famous facade.

Last Christmas, Bear's mom gave me a beautiful book about Leo Fuchs... a huge art tome with humungous gossamer photos of black & white and kodachrome-enhanced stars and starlets gazing at me from their perfect Hollywood galaxy.  Immortalized lounging on recliners poolside, reading screenplays.  Reviewing scenes with directors.  Having conversations with family members.  Vacationing.  Everything they did was recorded and there in front of me.

If there is another thing I am as passionate about as photography, it would be classic films.  I am a sucker for them.  This marriage of the two enthralled me.

I still find myself flipping through the pages, reading about the improbable life of this man who left the glamour behind him to live with his family and raise his son in Paris, France; all from his son's point of view.

Take a moment to view the photos below, and try to look beyond the impressive subject matter and really focus on the art of it all.  Every individual he captured was an icon, but was also a human being.  Fuchs managed to keep his subjects in a positive light, without being artificial.  Their humanity is displayed, but they still get to keep something to themselves.  He didn't photograph stars the way tabloid photogs do today.  He photographed with dignity.

In addition to the above links, if you are interested in learning more about Fuchs, you can go be a part of the Facebook page!

0242a [Audrey Hepburn] (The Nun's Story) portrait_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
0135 [Audrey Hepburn] (The Nun's Story) AT MARKET PORTRAIT_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
0939 [Doris Day] [Rock Hudson] laurel and hardy_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
0035F [Doris Day] [Rock Hudson] SPOOF J. MACDONALD AND N. EDDY SERIES_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
1051 [Rock Hudson] sunset {Spiral Road}_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(

The above images were found via The Helios Gallery's Flickr page, and should click through to their original sources.  Due to technical difficulties, the links may have been broken.

0020 [Bobby Darin] [Sandra Dee] (Come September) OSTIA ANTICA SET_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
Gregory Peck kid portrait
Mary Badham & Gregory Peck
Shirley MacLaine Double Exposure
0082 [Gina Lollobrigida] OLIVE TREE PORTRAIT_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(
0043 [Leslie Caron] (Father Goose) IN WATER CLOSEUP_(c)_Leo_Fuchs_Photography_(

The second set of images were found via Leo Fuchs' Archives Flickr page, and again click through to their original sources.  Again, due to technical difficulties, the links may have been broken.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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