Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: First Meeting

I had my first wedding meeting with my girls last weekend.  My mom was out of town and unable to attend, but we did get some things figured out.

We had mimosas, muffins and fruit... and I even brought along my planner... even though I didn't write anything in it.  I guess I am smartphone dependent.

My current job is to find a venue.  I want something quirky, and ideally I was hoping for something personal to Bear and I, rather than some place we picked off a list.  I know I DO NOT want a hall or a church since we aren't practicing any religion, and I am also avoiding firehouses, community multi-purpose buildings, etc. like the plague.  I hate the lighting in most of those places, which is important to me from a photographic standpoint, and Bear as a lighting designer.  We also really want a location that we can hang things like lighting and decor, and ideally a place where we can do that the day before the wedding.  So, we are looking hard, but not many areas accommodate all that!

Are any of you getting married out there?  What venue criteria do you have?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ours is at my grandmother's.
    There is a barn there that could be really super charming, but getting it in charming condition is too much to ask of people when you can't really get involved. Have you thought about a farmstead or historic site?
    Is it indoor or outdoor? Or are you waiting to find a location first?


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