Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Simple is Key

One of my friends from high school was married this past Saturday.  It was a gorgeous wedding, and so very THEM.  I know, because I was the hired photographer, and I was lucky to have Patchie second shoot for me again!

The wedding took place at the Calvert Marine Museum, and the bride chose to let the natural setting be the focus, accentuating it with some simple details, like shells on the table.  Her mother made the cake, which was beautiful AND delicious!  Her brother and father played music; her brother played selections on the saxophone as guests arrived, and her father sang a song after the ceremony while accompanying himself on guitar.  The guest count was relatively small, but the love was hard to miss.  The whole event was gorgeous and simple, but burst at the seams with all the emotional fuzzies that weddings are supposed to bring about.

Today I am posting some detail shots for you.  Some are by Patchie, others by myself.  All are under the MET Photography umbrella.

 And Patchie got a great couple of shots of me climbing out on the lighthouse to get a group shot of everyone in attendance!

 Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of our weekend!

Do you believe that less is more when it comes to decor, too?


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