Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: an Update

So, this past weekend we had planned to go check out some possible venues for our wedding... and that clearly did not happen!  Due to natural interference, we were all forced indoors instead.

As I mentioned yesterday, Bear and I ended up staying at my parents' house, which actually lent itself to some planning!  Mom and I had come up with centerpiece ideas for the tables and had some supplies to play with, which we did!  Here's a sneak peek at the centerpieces...

wedding sneak peek!

Of course, to get more ideas about the direction we're headed in, you can always check out my Pinterest!

Work's been pretty hectic and we're just about to enter the busiest time of our year... the first week of Fall semester classes.  I will try to diligently post, but my posts may be later than usual since we'll be going back to late hours at work.  Hopefully you'll bear with me!


PS- Last night we found out our power was back right before dinner!  I appreciate all my folks' did for us, but it really felt good to sleep in our own bed again!  :)
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