Monday, October 10, 2011

A Crazy Weekend


On Saturday, we took my step-niece-in-law to a fairly local pumpkin patch and corn maze.  This place was HUGE!  We had a ton of fun winding through the maze, riding the "train" around the field and spotting geese, dragging ourselves through complicated-for-adults hay bale mazes intended for children (hey, I am an indulgent aunt, which results in an exhausted aunt eventually), and picking the perfect pumpkins.  The corn maze at this place was crazy, and from the air apparently it is the local baseball league's emblem and name!  From inside, it's just a whole lot of corn and rope and children.

orange flora
from within, from above
from within, from above
shadow leaf
life cycle of a pumpkin
pick a pumpkin

(Psstt... did you see Lil' Man up there?  We randomly ran into Yseult and her family at the pumpkin patch!!!)

Then we had plans to go to MDRF on Sunday...and I may have learned i need help with my anger management!

Seriously, we head off to MDRF by 11am on Sunday, and managed to get there after 3pm due to intense traffic.  Then, the place was so packed, I wanted to turn around and leave, but we were there with the family, so we tried to locate everyone.  Of course, there was an overabundance of people on their cell phones, which resulted in dropped calls and unavailable airwaves.  An hour after getting to the faire (and a lot of angry cussing and glaring on my part) we finally found part of the group.  After another half hour, everyone was together again.  By this time, it was almost time for my step-niece-in-law to be taken to the drop off spot where her mom was coming to get her.  So the whole point in going was to spend some time with her at faire and get cute pictures, and we only managed to hang out with her for a half hour, and I barely took any photos (none of them are up yet, so maybe I'll share what I did get later... maybe).  So, after she left, and we figured out wedding glasses with Bear's parents, we decided, after two and a half hours of faire time, to get out before the big migration to the parking lot happened and we would be stuck in more traffic.  We got into the car an hour and a half before the closing cannon sounded, and left the parking lawn an hour after the cannon.  It took forever to leave!  At this point, I was hoping someone would burn the place down so I felt like there was some redemption in our miserable day.  Of course, the faire will live to see another day.  Meanwhile, I have no intention of going back this year (they have enough of our money), or maybe never again.

I know I have a ton of friends who live for the faire and will probably feel like this is a huge insult to their favorite place.  I just don't enjoy the place like some people do.  I have no ill will against the people who love it.  We just have different interests.  For one, I am the worst at paying attention to any live performance, as ironic as that is.  I don't like most plays, I have never liked Shakespeare, and I am not big on parody music (or live music, which annoys a lot of other people I know).  I never wear the garb I do buy, with the exception of a couple of staple pieces, and I never seem to wear any of the jewelry I have bought from the faire, either.  I feel the drinks and food are overpriced, and the atmosphere isn't really my thing, either.  I get irritated by the hollering vendors trying to sell pretzels, roses, cheesecakes on sticks, and nuts.  I just don't enjoy the whole scene anymore; the novelty has worn off, and the hassels for me outweigh the perks.

Granted, my last experience was really, really outrageously terrible and though it's usually not that bad, even on a good day I find I lack the enthusiasm of my friends.  I can only conclude it isn't my thing.

Actually, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I used to enjoy and no longer do.  I used to be into the theatre stuff, always in a show or helping out, loving conversations about all things theatrical.  Lately, the theatre also has lost it's charm on me.  I appreciate many of the people it has brought into my life, and I will cherish the good memories I have.  I'm just not that girl anymore.  Sure, I will still audition for a show or two in my future, I am sure, but gone are the days of juggling up to eight shows at once.  I just don't have the passion for it I once did.

Ren Fest is the same way.  Once, I was really into going, dressing up, making a full day of it with my friends.  Now?  I would rather get the cleaning done at the house that I never get around to doing during the week, or book more sittings, or go on a mini photo-safari.  Edit together a short film for fun.  Read a good book.  This is the new direction, I guess.  As life goes on, I have become a homebody.  I love being at home, working on things around the house.  I have to decorate for Halloween and the fall season in general, and I am really upset with myself for not having done that yet.

I have so much to do that I feel guilty about spending my money and time at places I can barely afford either for.  I guess it's the result of growing up and gaining responsibility.  Bills, groceries, rent, business expenses, insurance, phone, debts, internet costs, credit cards... it becomes hard to track and takes up a lot more time than it did five years ago!

Anybody else feel this way?  Like you've drastically changed in your interests and passions over the years?

Happy Monday!  xo
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  1. Aw I love this! I'll be posting my pumpkin patch/ corn maze photos later this evening...
    and I sometimes wish I could waste a little money here and there for my own sake! I'm VERY stingy and have trouble allowing myself to go see a movie, go get a massage, buy a cute shirt I want, etc. It's a good thing I guess, and it helps us afford to travel more, but I don't think a little "treat" once in a while would kill me!


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