Friday, October 21, 2011

Photobomb Fridy: Grateful Again

So, I decided to do my 365 Grateful project all over again... this time, I am using my DSLR, since Instagram keeps uploading my images as black squares... grrr.

This is Monday through Thursday, as I haven't taken today's image yet.  It's super early in the morning as I type this, as in 5 minutes into Friday, and I am hoping to take at least one photo this week outdoors... with natural light.  The stories for each image are uploaded with the image on Flickr.  Simply click on an image to be brought through to its original page and read the little paragraph to uncover the element in it that I am grateful for!


I also want to take a moment today to mention the last image in a bit more detail... it depicts how grateful I am for my parents.  The picture itself is of my baby plate, DOB and weight, and underneath (not pictured) is my name.  My parents are wonderful people, who for a time when I was a teenager, I thought were close-minded religious nuts who had no ability to accept me for my mistakes and eccentricities.  Lately, I have grown much closer with them, and am beginning to understand why they were so strict while I was growing up, particularly in my teen angst years.  I am so incredibly grateful to my parents for their unyielding support, and their constant ability to fight for what they believe is right.  They have instilled in me a great curiosity about life, and a wonderful resilience.  They have made me stronger than I realized before.  Their love and support, trust and faith have impacted me more than I knew it could.  I am so very grateful to have been so privileged as to have been born to two such incredible people!  Love you, Mom and Dad!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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