Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fells Point

So, the day after the wedding.  A lot of people were hung over.  I've been limiting my alcohol consumption to three drinks a day, and I usually only allow myself to drink anything one day every two weeks, so I wasn't drunk the night before (although I always feel kinda woozy after that initial drink) and I wasn't hung over the next day.  But I WAS sleepy.  See, we all got back to the hotel room and everyone crashed.  Except me.  I stayed up to watch the episode of 30 Rock we accidentally ordered for $5 (they are getting sneaky about paying for TV in hotels, and since we paid, I figured someone ought to watch the whole thing, even though I am not a big fan of awkward comedy).  Then I went outside for a cigarette.  I met up with some of the wedding party, who were after-partying, and talked with them a bit (everyone was in street clothes or still dressed up, while I was in PJ pants and a hoodie... CLASS).  Then this taxi drives up and an honest-to-goodness hooker stumbles out.  There I am with a minor and three gays, and she surveys us and decides that we are, indeed, the perfect group to try and... well, hook.  After an awkward banter, she teetered away leaving us to wonder if that really just happened.  It had.  It still seems surreal.  But, that's the city, I guess.

Anyway, the next morning we all got up and checked out of the hotel with plenty of time to spare, despite daylight savings time jipping us an hour of rest.  We decided it would be a good idea to hang out at Fells Point for a little while before driving the two hours back home.  We hit up a local independently owned record store that reminded me a little bit of Empire Records, not in the way it LOOKED, but in the way it FELT, if that makes any sense.  Then we ate at an Irish pub and had a glass of wine at this little place called V-NO.  We walked around a little bit and then decided to leave.  And guess what?  That day happened to be Baltimore's early St. Patrick's Day parade day.  So traffic was AWFUL and the GPS wanted us to take every road that was closed.  So it took us at least one full hour longer to get home than planned.  I always try to think of these delays as an adventure (we see parts of the city we otherwise wouldn't, maybe we will grow more familiar with the area for future reference...) but Bear and I always manage to run into these awkward sorts of hold-ups, and my optimism doesn't make a long detour home any more charming than it is.

Enough with the words.  Onto the photographs!

Mel + Zack-0321
Mel + Zack-0322
Mel + Zack-0323
Mel + Zack-0355
Mel + Zack-0358
Mel + Zack-0360
Mel + Zack-0361
Mel + Zack-0325
Mel + Zack-0326
Mel + Zack-0329
Mel + Zack-0332
Mel + Zack-0335
Mel + Zack-0338
Mel + Zack-0339
Mel + Zack-0342
Mel + Zack-0346
Mel + Zack-0348
Mel + Zack-0351
Mel + Zack-0367
Mel + Zack-0370
Mel + Zack-0372
Mel + Zack-0374
Mel + Zack-0375
Mel + Zack-0376
Mel + Zack-0377
Mel + Zack-0390

Happy "hump" day!  xo
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  1. Ahh the pictures are so pretty and bright, I love them!

    I always end up getting frustrated on those drives where things don't turn out how I thought. My husband is totally calm and is like, 'I'm glad we came this way, that was such an awesome building to see!' While I'm fuming saying, 'I didn't get to SEE that building because I was looking at the ROAD.' haha

  2. This looks like so much fun! Your photos are always so colorful. I like seeing such a lovely rainbow of images in one post. =]
    I think the trees are my favorite. We have trees like that here too, but right now they are AWESOME. The blooms are currently covered in snow. =]


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