Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break is Over, and Wedding Season is still Going Strong

Well, I had all these blogging intentions for Spring Break, none of which were met.  Here are the things we DID do:

* attended an awesome wedding at an art gallery (technically, this was a week ago, but hey...)
* saw the Purdue Glee Club rock it out at a local church, where my brother sang to me and then gave my mom his Lavalear (I probably misspelled that, but it's a necklace with the PMO logo man on it; the guys get two in their senior year.  One is for their moms, the other for their future wives.)
* got clearance to go to the Pentagon to see the Glee Club perform there, too!  Awesome!
* tried to get into the Spring Cleaning mode, and barely succeeded.  At least we can use the kitchen table again, and the dishes and laundry are almost all clean.
* acted as DD for St. Patty's day after cleaning all day and referring to myself as "working Irish".
* sang a bad Traditional Irish version of Finnegan's Wake at karaoke at a local bar.
* found homes for some more Christmas stuff that has patiently been waiting to leave it's gift bag.
* was interviewed for a local TV channel about the art gallery I work at's current exhibit.  I am awful on film.

Bear had to work, even though I was mostly off work, at least from the college, and he was thoughtful and left the MiFi for me to use.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice this, and assumed that he took our internet, and therefore decided to just clean the house.  HA.

So, let's go back to last weekend and see Mel + Zack's awesome wedding spectacular!  They were married at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.  Bear and I attended one other wedding there before, and it truly is an awesome venue!

Mel + Zack-0044

Mel is Jewish, so they were married under a canopy and partially in Yiddish.  I am sad to say my knowledge of Yiddish is unremarkable, so I only understood maybe a tenth of what was said prior to the English translation.  The night started out with a cocktail hour where everyone got a drink, listened to the quartet (same group we had!) and caught up with the bridal party and bride and groom.  Then we trouped down to the ceremony space on the main floor, where the wedding took place.  Mel switched out of her cute short white party dress into a stunning bridal gown.  I loved the flowers; they had little LED lights in them!  The couple is a fun-loving sort, and had whimsy, color, and sugar throughout the whole event.  It was super cute, but still classy.  The reception was wild, people were jumping around the dance floor until I was afraid the floor would break!  Lots of dancing and laughter for all.  I loved dancing in a large circle around the couple, which is a traditional Jewish dance the name of which escapes me, but it offered a real sense of camaraderie.  It was truly a wonderful wedding, and we wish them all the best (they are off in Disney right now, on their last day of honeymooning)!

Mel + Zack-0016
Mel + Zack-0041
Mel + Zack-0040
Mel + Zack-0037
Mel + Zack-0034
Mel + Zack-0033
Mel + Zack-0036
Mel + Zack-0046
Mel + Zack-0077
Mel + Zack-0088
Mel + Zack-0109
Mel + Zack-0115
Mel + Zack-0130
Mel + Zack-0136
Mel + Zack-0151
Mel + Zack-0159
Mel + Zack-0168
Mel + Zack-0180
Mel + Zack-0219
Mel + Zack-0224
Mel + Zack-0229
Mel + Zack-0236
Mel + Zack-0250
Mel + Zack-0260
Mel + Zack-0264
Mel + Zack-0267
Mel + Zack-0273
Mel + Zack-0274
Mel + Zack-0306

And, look who caught the (sock) bouquet!

Mel + Zack-0298
Mel + Zack-0304
Mel + Zack-0305

I'll come back with our adventures through Fells Point the day after the wedding tomorrow!

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