Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moo-ving on Up

So I used to have a business.  And now I don't (officially) anymore.  I still do the occasional session, but not very often, & usually for barter or super cheap or in exchange for the rights to use & sell images.


A friend of mine, who is in the same mindset as I am, posted on Facebook about purchasing moo mini cards.  Now, I had the sample pack of moo cards made up over two years ago with some of my photos & loved them... but couldn't justify making business cards when I felt my style was evolving & I honestly didn't have a large enough portfolio to pull from.

I started thinking about it.  I checked out moo's pricing for the mini cards.  It seemed really reasonable.  I thought about how many people I meet & how often I write my blog URL down.  Then, the clouds parted & angels appeared (no, not at all, that is not how this story goes, but it does lend a certain melodrama).  It all became clear.  Just because I do not have a business, does not mean I cannot get a calling card!

Thus, these beauties were born.  (1. a small selection of cards.  2. a collage of the images used.  3. the backside of the cards.  4. packaging!!!)

collage back of biz card

The best part?  When I placed my order (Aug. 29), I got an estimate that the cards would arrive on Sept. 12.  When I received my confirmation email, the moo bot guesstimated a delivery date of Sept. 7.  I actually received my cards by Sept. 1 at the latest, which was when I went downstairs to get my mail.  So really, any time between the Tuesday night I ordered them (at 11:30 pm!), & after the Wednesday morning "shipped" email (8 am!) is fair game for actual arrival at my door.

And check out the cute box with a filing system!  EEP!

So, if you happen to meet me somewhere in the future... I just may have a cute card for you!  (Maybe that's how you got here in the first place, eh?!?!)

So... ridiculous, or genius investment?

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  1. I think it's perfect.
    People should be able to contact you other than world of mouth, because, licensed or not, you are an artist, and your art is in demand.

  2. LOVE IT! So adorable. And I am in need of new cards too - and what a great way for a photographer to have cards. It's so hard to pick just one image!

    Be sure to give me a few so I can pass them along to folks wanting weddings and events - anything with that journalism angle.


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