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Etsy Monday: Game of Thrones!

For anyone who was not aware, Game of Thrones premiered last night on HBO!  My Bear introduced me to the George R. R. Martin series, A Song of Ice and Fire, when we we began dating.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, because there is definitely a lack of respect toward women (usually pawns, swapped out to appease the lust of men, but many female characters are strong, independent women) and a moral societal structure that simultaneously infuriated, baffled, and intrigued me.  Politics play a key role, particularly in the first novel, for which the HBO series is named.  I was really excited to see the characters come to life, particularly Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark.  The pilot did not disappoint (I watched it over and over to try and pick out small details I may have missed the first time...).  I can't wait until the next episode, and found out the next book in the series is due to hit bookstores on Tuesday, July 12, 2011!!!  I haven't read ALL the books we have yet (the series is pretty long already, but all the characters and plots are so intricate... we can't figure out how the various tales will all come together for a wrap up in the series), but Bear has, so he will jump for joy at this news!

Anyways, todays Etsy Monday is all about Game of Thrones.  If you have HBO, I highly recommend the series.  If not, I give you permission to spend more time at the houses of your friends that do.  I do not suggest creeping outside your neighbors window with a bag of popcorn trying to view their TV set while they watch the series, though.  They may mistake you for a White Walker and attack... or simply call for law enforcement (nobody likes a creeper).

The first book, and as far as I can tell so far, the series revolves around the House of Stark.  The Starks live in Winterfell in the northern most reaches of the land within The Wall, which divides the Kingdoms from the surrounding lands inhabited by wildlings and horrific creatures (the Others!).  The House of Stark's sigil is the Dire Wolf, a creature that lives further north beyond the wall.

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There are seven Kingdoms in the land, each plays an important role in the series.  They are represented by several Houses: the House of Targaryen which once held the main seat in Kings Landing, the House of Greyjoy, the House of Baratheon who currently holds Kings Landing, the House of Tyrell, the House of Arryn related by marriage to the House of Stark,  and the House of Lannister related by marriage to the House of Baratheon.

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Each House has their own sigil and political stance in the land called Westeros, and with the onset of political turmoil, each plots to seize and control the coveted Iron Throne set in Kings Landing.

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The Iron Throne was won by Robert Baratheon from the Targaryen House, descended from Aegon the Conqueror.  The sigil of the Targaryen House is a dragon, the last living of the species were important in their house securing the throne at the beginning of their long reign.  No living dragons have been seen since, and the two remaining Targaryens, Daenerys and her brother, flee across the narrow sea to Essos, to rally forces to assist them in winning back the crown.  Daenerys is married to the Lord of the "savage" Dothrakis and gifted three dragon eggs at the wedding, which have turned to stone over the years they had lain dormant.

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The House of Stark is comprised of several members, headed by Eddard and Catherine Stark, and their children: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon.  Eddard's bastard son, Jon Snow, also resides with the family.  In Winterfell, "Snow" is the surname given to bastards of high birth.  The House motto is "Winter is Coming", even though the Stark children were born during a long summer and have never endured a long winter.  Unlike our planet, the seasons in Westeros are not definable by any timetable, and may last several years.

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The Wall that secures Westeros from the wild woods is guarded by men all in black, known as the brothers of the Night's Watch.  These men were once a proud group, but as the community became comfortable with the lack of perceived threat beyond the Wall declined to convicted criminals and other "unsavory" characters.  The woods beyond hold small colonies of people free of the influence from Kings Landing, referred to as wildlings, as well as horrific creatures (again, White Walkers and the Others... eep!).
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 The closest time frame I can equate the series to is mideval: lots of tapestries, jousts, tournaments, beheadings, impalments and the like.  The series is so absorbing, and HBO has done a wonderful job thus far in bringing texture, color, and richness to a world beyond our own!  The costumes, props and set decorations really allow the viewer to believe in the different surroundings and characters.  It's pretty amazing, some of those sets!

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 If you get HBO, be sure to watch this series!  If not, I am sure you can use Netflix or maybe even to see the episodes!  (You can also get a feel for what their lives may have been like by visiting your local Renaissance Festival!  Can't wait for MDRF!)

In personal news, this past weekend was busy for me and my Bear.  His sister is getting married at the end of June, and her bachelorette party and bridal shower were this weekend.  I have tons of photos, and will share some from the latter event.  Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I won't post the bachelorette ones.  I took photos at her behest, and will get them to her alone.  Then she can do with them as she will.  I don't want to be responsible for anyone's reputation (although the party was actually really really tame; we went to a local Irish Pub, had a few rounds, and sang along with the band while eating delicious food)!

Happy Monday!  Anyone have a great TV series or book series you want to share?  I would love to hear of them!
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  1. So uh, when am I coming over this week to watch it? ;-)

  2. When do you want to come over?!?! We have it recorded! (FYI- the White Walkers kinda don't make noise either... but they are literally in only like a minute of the episode)


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