Thursday, April 21, 2011

Living Large!

I had so much fun Wednesday I could barely contain myself.  The Farmer's Market itself was kinda a bust (which was possible, it being a weekday... none of the Amish community were present, which meant I couldn't surprise Bear with an impulse buy piglet or some such), but we hit up a wonderful Thrift Store and Cupcake and I scored some pretty sweet swag... including but not limited to a Hanson CD, an LP of BeeGee's and Beatles songs covered by another artist, a tank top, and Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD.  We left with bags full of goodies for less than $25 total.  My new tank top was only $.95!  Yes.  And, I got weird technicolor change...

someone was bored...

We had a blast hanging out and getting a brief lunch at Burger King (big spenders!  Also, I do NOT recommend the new chicken nuggets; they were weird pressed chicken strings that dried out easily... ew).  We also stood around in the parking lot quoting such great American classics as Cars and Finding Nemo.  I practiced my Orca dialect, which could have come in handy later that day... if there were whales of any sort in the river.  I didn't take any photos with Cupcake or of her because I deserve the bad friend award... and I was kinda afraid that someone would try to barter some scary giant doll with ratty hair for my camera.  It was a little sketchy, but I have high hopes for the weekend.  And I promise to take photos then!!!

Then, I came by the house to kiss Bear hello and goodbye, and set off with Patchie to the State Park where I work on Fridays.  We had a BLAST being photogeeks!  I brought my little circa 1996 purple backpack/purse (which was purchased at a Farmer's Market in '96, ahhh memories), and filled it with the following: my Nikon D80, Holga, and Canon AE-1, as well as an extra roll of film and any lens cleaning things I may need, as well as usual purse things (ID, monies, etc).  I shot a whole roll of 35mm (I didn't realize the loaded roll was already finished, so my "extra" roll ended up my ONLY roll) and several frames on the 120 film, as well as over 200 digital jpegs.  It felt so good.

Here's an old picture of Patchie and I.  Just in case you needed a face for the name!  hehe

Being out shooting with Patchie made me realize how much I have to learn from my friends, even about the things most of them ask me for advice about.  Not that she does, in particular, but sometimes when you take a hobby to the professional level, you forget that your friends who are still hobbyists can teach you a ton about your "profession".  That's lesson 101 on being a pro.  You have to remember you still have the capacity to learn.  Duh.  Even though I tell myself constantly that I have so much to learn, I am always stunned when I turn out much better quality of work after spending a few hours hanging out with and taking photos with friends.  It's humbling, and really amazing.  And I am so grateful for it!

You can't tell here... but it was a 4 foot drop to the "beach" aka mud from this step.

Anyway, Patchie had written a post about her style and technique a while ago, and it really stuck with me.  I felt like I was in a creative rut.  Being a portrait photographer, I usually focus on angles and flattering lighting for a subject, with a minor focus on details (weddings rings, florals, little grubby fingers braiding grass blades...).  She is the opposite... her work is primarily macro.  I know some of you would think "oh, original, another macro photog" except she's not just another macro photog.  She tells a complete story through the series of her macro images.  All you have to do is follow her blog to figure that out.  I think if she had huge enlargements made of her work and hung in a particular order, the viewer would really understand where she was, what she was feeling, and can imagine themselves in that environment and mood.  Which is something you can't always achieve in more general, wide angle shots, or even portraiture.  Or even macros.  In that sense, I have some really amazingly talented friends (and MOHs, haha)!

There was a cool reflection in the lens, but I had trouble capturing it...

Then we met up with Cupcake again and had dinner... then went to PetCo for fun times with little critters!  Love it!  Wonderfully therapeutic day in light of all the bad karma in the area.  If you are a prayer person, send thoughts and prayers to Katietron, who lost both her Grandmother and Grandfather this past week to a car crash.  It's been a tough time for her, and she could use the support.  <3  Like I said, there have been lots of sad tears in the area lately.  Please let 2012 be happier... and not the apocalypse... 

Well, I will leave you with a teaser for tomorrow's Photobomb Friday!!!  Don't forget to keep checking my Tumblr if you want to see my Grateful photos as they are posted daily with little tidbits on what the images mean!

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  1. Aw, you are so sweet :-)

    Also...I have no idea when that picture was taken of us. Or where we are. Where ARE we?

  2. That pic of you two looks like its at Arizona Pizza. It was probably karaoke.

    What can I say, I know my bars.

  3. It can't be, because I am wearing The Boy's hat and AZP was long gone before we got together.

    Hunts, maybe?

    Also, forgot to mention: LOVE the one picture being in color and the rest black and white!

  4. I just looked at it on my phone earlier. Now that I see it on the computer, you're right, it's definitely not AZP.

  5. It is Hunts! The only time we were able to actually sit at the bar... and I think the first time you guys came out for karaoke with us...

    And I miss AZP so much. Nothing will ever be that amazing.


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