Friday, April 15, 2011

Photobomb Friday: Photobooth Ridiculousness

Okay, my week has been pretty busy, so I haven't really done anything exciting or taken many pictures.  My Thursday evening was spent whitewashing a fence.  I kid you not.  And cutting military hair (during which our clippers died and almost yanked my future brother-in-law's hair right out of his scalp).

SO, this Friday is about getting to know the relationship I share with my BooBear.  We're a pretty goofy duo, and enjoy making fools of ourselves whenever we have the opportunity.  I know I like to see more about the personal relationships of people on other blogs I follow, so here's a post for those like me, who enjoy these little peeks into the daily relationship of a blogger...

And a few utterly ridiculous ones of me (and Tic-Tac made a guest appearance)...

And, as promised, the Grateful photos I took so far this week.  These are Wednesday and Thursday's.  If you want to see them as I take them, and the meaning behind them, be sure to pop by my Tumblr!

Finally, another friend of mine, Laura has created a blog, entitled "The 'H' Word: Adventures in Housewifing"!  She's a homemaker and mom to one beautiful baby boy and is trying through her blog to reestablish the stay-at-home mom's reputation to a positive one!  She has a point, so many people look down at women who want to be homemakers when they grow up, like they are somehow diminishing their own self-worth.  Here's the thing: women's rights helped the women who wanted to join the workforce immensely, but it did not dictate that ALL women must go to work every day!  It only gave us the option to do so if we so desire.  Anyway, Laura discusses this as well as sharing some of the recipes she is trying out (Jamie Oliver fans, rejoice, she is a disciple!).  I can't wait till we get some insight on how to raise a little boy, especially one as adorable as hers!  I love him so!  hehe

Have a wonderful weekend!  I will see you again on Monday with some fun Etsy things!
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  1. You guys crack me up :-)

    Thanks for linking to Laura!

  2. teehee! I'm glad you went to check out Laura's blog! I'm excited to learn more about her adventures in housewifery, as it were! Also, I want baby B updates SO BADLY, and more info on her cooking adventures (which have been delicious for the one meal we attended)!


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