Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Sneak Peek...

of my past weekend.  We were busy with my Bear's sister's Bachelorette party and Bridal Shower.  The latter took place at our house, so there were lots of home improvement projects and decorating.  I made cupcakes and Bear made Sweet and Sour Hawaiian Pizza (which uses Sweet and Sour sauce in lieu of tomato sauce, which meant I could eat it... but he used Swiss cheese which I am not a fan of).  I also took a TON of photos for the event!  Here's a little glimpse of the party ambiance...

There were 300 goldfish in the jar.  I guessed 303.  The winner apparently had to guess the same amount or less than the actual amount, so I didn't win.  The winner guessed 236.

The little wine bottles in the mini pool of ice were a huge hit!  All the favors were in the little sand box.  Fortunately, no cats peed in the sand... until after the guests went home...

There was sangria, veggies, fruit, mini burgers on a toothpick, Sweet & Sour Hawaiian Pizza, chicken wings, lots of chips and such, sweet tea, Coca-Cola, wine, and for dessert: cupcakes I made (blue and green for the wedding colors with either buttercream or Hershey's chocolate icing), rich mousse shot glasses, and tequila jello shots.  Phew.  I think I remembered everything?  Oh, shrimp was available too.  But not for dessert.  :)

Keeping to the Luau theme, I wore a wrap dress I was gifted by my Bear's parents.  Instead of wearing it the strapless way, I tied the ends over the shoulder and cinched the fabric with a brooch.  The pattern has elephants on it!  And those are the goldfish over there... I referred to them as "installation art" for the event.

Alright, that's about all I have.  I am geeking out a little because this Saturday marks the pilot episode for the new season of Doctor Who and Sunday we get the next episode of Game of Thrones!  Yes, blogiverse... I am a NERD.  And I am PROUD!  haha

I'll be back tomorrow with some lovely Weddingness!  Anyone else have a crazy but fun weekend last weekend?
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  1. Ah! I gotta come watch the FIRST episode of Game of Thrones!

  2. Doctor Whooooo!!! I can't wait!

  3. haha, Patchie... maybe on Saturday we can first see Thrones and then Doctor Who?

    Laura- we should coordinate something for the rest of the season in which all of us get together. I miss you guys! And Baby B... awwww, I miss watching him learn and wiggle! hahaha


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