Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Revised Color Palatte

I am actually exhausted what with my new job and everything.  I know I work nights, but I am trying to get up early so I can get things done before sitting in the library all evening.  And soon I start training, and those classes start at 8 am, sometimes.  I need some rest.

So, I apologize that my feature today is a little lame.  But hey, it's something!

After my last Wedding Wednesday, I was really inspired that I needed more bright colors in my own scheme.  So...

Here are some inspirational things for my wedding... I am back to contemplating color schemes.

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I love the colors in peacock feathers... they are so vibrant, yet still natural.  Crazy!  Definitely thinking of pulling these colors...

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I also LOVE the bright colors of citrus fruits, which would tie in rather nicely, I think.  And no worries, Patchie, I will not put you in lemon yellow!

I think fun, whimsical things are so much fun, like this gorgeous cake...

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Not that I plan to do that, exactly, but it is cute!  Bear and I are pretty serious about nature, and natural things, but I am really passionate about bright color, so I figure these inspirations are a perfect marriage of the two.

Of course, I am also still pulling pretty heavily from my favorite films!

Also... OOOOHHH!!!

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I am actually trying to get a chameleon.  I think they are the coolest!

I am just all over the place with ideas and have no real concrete plans.  Although I really want to incorporate these (and have since the beginning)...

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All these lovely colors... this is feeling more like me already!  Does anyone else do this plan and then realize it's not really what YOU want thing?  I think I was so preoccupied with what other people would like to see that I started planning for everyone else but me and Bear.

It's like when I signed up for my college roommate and filled out the questionnaire.  I put down answers that reflected the person I HOPED I would be, rather than who I WAS.  So I ended up with a roommate who went to bed early and woke up really early, and I still was a night owl.  And then I ended up changing rooms.

Live and learn?  I guess...
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  1. 1. I am a sucker for peacock feathers and they looks AWESOME mixed in with flowers.

    2. I look good in lime green :-) real lime green...not fake crazy bright lime green.

    3. Those mushrooms are pretty.

  2. Wow am I jealous of your wedding!!! =]

    The peacock feathers remind me of one I took at our zoo... it's the last picture on this page:


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