Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brief Hello!

Today I had a morning meeting for work, so I am leaving here early.  We have a ton to do at the house before the wedding!  Last night, my future mother-in-law painted our living room our new not-so-dirty blue shade (as opposed to the old, really dusty dingy shade of blue).  When I got home, I tried to help her without getting in her way... she is a pro at painting walls!  It's practically faster to stand back and let her go, but I felt pretty guilty doing that.  We have yet to finish the kitchen, which I imagine is the goal this weekend, and we have to construct the hallway closet since the portable furniture closet is being relocated to the new room (also currently under construction) on Tori and Doug's side of the house.  Then I will be in massive cleaning mode: dusting, vacuuming, organizing, moving furniture, etc.  We also were gifted a new-to-us fold out sleeper couch to replace the ugly old futon (which will find a new home on the porch so we can retire the current porch couch with huge cat-claw-induced holes in it).  I am pretty excited to get our apartment looking new and cute... and mostly functional.  I cannot wait to wash dishes in a working dishwasher!!!  I still have to pick out fabric for new curtains and see if my vintage sewing machine can be salvaged to a working condition... phew!  We are some busy busy bees these days!

I still have a ton of photos to share soon!  I plan on doing so tomorrow AND Friday.  It will be a double Photobomb feature!  I hope it will make up for my moderately lame posts as of late.

I will also try to post a finished product for the coloring/activity books I am putting together for the wedding and have plans for a new video to share!  Eep!

Thanks so much for bearing with me as my life spirals into crazy wedding mode.  I am learning so much for my own, and have brilliant ideas I have to share soon!  Here's a hint: may involve camping, outdoor movies, and other fun activities incorporating our love of all things theatre, color, art, lighting, pasta, local bars and local parks... all on a really moderate budget!

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  1. I'm excited to see your place come together!


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