Monday, September 26, 2011

Melancholy Monday

I think there is just something about today that has a lot of people on edge.  I saw a lot of comments on Facebook about how it's a wrong-side-of-the-bed kinda day, and I happen to agree.

Six months ago today, we lost one of the best kids I will ever know here on Earth.  The anniversary is bittersweet; sad that he is gone, but a reminder of how wonderful he was and the legacy he left behind.  Also, I found out a guy I knew since fourth grade passed today.  Another notch in the sad stick.

So I don't really have much to talk about, other than lots of prayers are being said in our hometown for these individuals and others. 

The Ferris Wheel

This week I have a ton of photos and maybe a video to share from this last weekend.  We went to a neighboring county fair with Bear's family, since our niece was with us for the weekend.  I learned that the kiddie rides are not built for adults (even small ones) and when the kid needs an adult to accompany them on the rides, the carnies get a good laugh.  I also learned that a car with four-wheel drive can still slide in the copious amount of mud churned into ruts by the wheels of hundreds of other cars.

Renaissance Redhead

We also went to MDRF on Sunday and met up with a ton of friends.  I even had my portrait taken by Ken of Yenra!  He's super talented and a ton of fun to photo-geek with!  So, in an attempt to fight of the icks of the day, I urge you all to check out his photography Facebook and/or Flickr and get into the spirit of Faire... before I post my photos here later this week! 

I hope you are having a happier day, wherever you are!  I'll be back tomorrow, bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm!


PS- the last of the images in this post is a Yenra image; both images are found on Flickr and link back to their original sources.
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