Monday, October 17, 2011

This Past Weekend...

was a blast!  It was really quite busy, but good!

Friday I had a haunted work experience which has mostly explained itself by now, except for the creepy unknown caller... needless to say, I was definitely relieved to lock up and leave early, arriving home safe and sound!  That evening, Bear and I headed to the local Events Hall for the Derby we've been working on arranging for months!  I had never been before, and had a ton of fun!  Bear bought a "horse" and was a jockey for two races, and I was happy as can be, snapping away!  More on this to come!

A Day at the Races

On Saturday I had a noon meeting at the Local Theatre about the upcoming production of Cabaret, in which I am set decoration crew head and Bear is involved in lighting.  I wasn't able to attend until my photo shoot cancelled on me, so I packed up some paper and headed in to discuss the vision of the the Powers that Be.  We didn't really touch on my aspect of the production, but I have a better understanding of what's going on and know the rest of the staff, which is always a plus!  Not to mention I should be getting a script first... ever notice how the film versions NEVER match the stage ones?!?!?!

After the meeting I came home and vacuumed the whole apartment and gave the bathrooms a much needed scrub.  Gross?  Yes.  Dusty?  Very.  But afterwards, I felt so accomplished!

Then I remembered my sister-in-law was hosting a Tastefully Simple party that I agreed to attend.  I checked Facebook to verify the event time, and saw I had a last minute booking inquiry!  I managed to book a sitting for some very snazzy high school seniors off to their Homecoming later that night.  So, I attended the first half of the dinner party, tag-teamed in Bear when he got off work, and headed off to shoot the dance-ready group!

Senior Homecoming

The client was the mother of one of my best friends from elementary school.  I really can't believe her other daughter, H, is a senior already!  It kinda blew my mind how grown up she was!  The kids in attendance were all really great, fun, happy teens who kept shocking me with their politeness.  Seriously, they all piled in SUVs to head off to dinner and rolled down their windows to thank me for a fun photo shoot!  I was a bit floored and I'm ashamed to admit I could barely stammer out my thanks.  Sometimes I underestimate people, I suppose.

But seriously, I can't get over how grown up H is!  I kept seeing the girl I knew when she was insistent that we play Barbie with her; and here she was, in a black strapless mini-dress with sky high heels and a boyfriend!  So crazy.

Sunday we went shopping a bit for groceries, a microwave, and a Blu-Ray player, since we've been DVD Player-less for over a year now.  I think it may be love.  I also picked up some new spray scents for the house and a couple dishtowels.  Gosh, I am so exciting.  Or I am really just getting old and boring.

Sunday night was family dinner night, and everyone made something.  It was weird having a dinner that consisted entirely of fried food, though!  We had oysters and hushpuppies, sweet potato and regular fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets.  And by "we" I mean everyone had some of everything except me, I had chicken nuggets and regular fries and apple juice, like a big kid.  Dinner was really awesome, and pretty fun.  The night kinda ended on a downer with a sad phone call from a family friend, though.

It seems a lot of sad things have been happening to people around us lately.  It would be overwhelming, but I am beginning to keep a "happy list", of all my grateful's for just such occasions.  Now, when things take a turn for the tissues, I fortify my emotions with some small pleasantries.  I am seriously considering retrying my 365 Grateful project, and uploading my images to Flickr.  Every day brings a simple joy and I am determined to remember that, especially in the midst of so much sorrow.  Does anyone else keep a list of small happinesses?  Or has anyone else participated in the 365 Grateful project?

How was your weekend?  Anything new and exciting?  Can you tell me one thing that happened this weekend that YOU'RE grateful for?  Mine's having such supportive family and friends in life AND business!

Happy Monday!

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