Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indiana Part 2

The long awaited!

I have to say, the bars were the most fun for us of the visit, because Bear and I love places with history and personality, but that's all in Part 1.

The day we bar-hopped, we also went to one of many libraries on the Purdue campus.  Yes, I know.  I am on a vacation, why would I go to a library when I didn't have to?  Well, they have in their archives a small collection of Margaret Bourke-White's original photographs, the only ones she was supposed to have developed herself.  Typically, she used a printer who made her negatives magazine ready, but this collection she had made positive prints on her own.  I learned about it during my brother's freshman year at Purdue, and years later still itched to see the prints.  Of course, the Special Collections were closed, but I received a list of call numbers for other books she is associated with.  One was her written and photographed document novel about the effects of WWII in Germany, which is a rare printed book.  They had the first edition.  Which, to a bibliophile, is totally worth a 12 hour car ride to thumb through.  Of course, the library is organized according to the Dewey Decimal System, which I haven't used in years, except for the oversized art section, which is in Library of Congress.  It was a little odd, finding call numbers that were literally only numeric.

Purdue Library
Margaret Bourke-White
Purdue Library

The whole reason we went to Indiana was to see my brother's senior Christmas Show with the Glee Club.  It was good, but there was that whole "no photography" and me trying to be sneaky, and leaving the autofocus on which shoots a bright light, and embarrassing myself thing.  So... I have photos after the show!  All the seniors were all mushy and huggy and "I'll miss you sooo much when we graduate... next semester" and it was weird for me, having left my college after a year without any tears.  But I am glad my brother gets to experience the American dream, and will graduate with not one, but two degrees!

brother and mom
me and my brother
my family
Purdue my brother and his choir director
my brother

We stayed with family friends from when we lived in the area, who made an amazing pasta dinner!  Debby's house is always full of smiles and love... when Bear and I have a family, I hope our home is as joyous and welcoming!

cooking dinner
delicious pasta dinner
my brother

Debby took us to see one of those houses where they set their Christmas lights to music... they had their own radio station synched with the lights and dotted with family greetings, as well as well-wishes from people who had travelled to the house from other states.  It was really kinda awesome!

Light Show

We also had lots of ice cream, which I never eat.  I tried every weird flavor or combo I could, since i never eat the stuff.  I had green tea ice cream at the Silver Dipper, and then I had Vanilla custard and Nerds at Culver's.  Both were incredibly good, even though Bear was not a big fan since I am lactose intolerant and someone has to keep me warm in the north all night!  Poor baby.

nerds and custard

Ha, I love that face!

Also, I realize that the whole SOPA thing is going down today, but I try to stay out of politics.  I'm not for censorship but I support upholding copyright laws and protecting intellectual property.  But to be honest, I haven't read up enough on the whole subject and think it's silly to participate in a strike I lack information about.  In any case, I am back!
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  1. I enjoy that the Star Trek picture made it in there ;-)

    And ooooooh, Culver's. When I went out to Colorado I think we hit Culver's about 8 times because my ex's brother worked there so we got free stuff. That place was so good.


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