Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Baaaccckkk!

Well, Bear and I had an awesome honeymoon.  I will have to compile some posts for it... I have this really fun interactive idea for it, but that means I will only be leaving you with a teaser today.

In other news, if you follow my sidebar, under the follow me on Bloglovin' button I added a new button to follow me on Followgram, Instagram's online feed.  Of course, you can also see my updates on my Tumblr that I have set up very much like Followgram (before I knew there was such a thing as Followgram).   I Instagrammed a ton of honeymoon photos, from Disney to Hogwarts to BBQ and beyond (and no, I did not take any naughty photos so they are totally family and workplace friendly).

I can't wait to engineer my awesome interactive honeymoon experience with you bloggerverse friends!  Ahhh!
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