Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making People

I have a lot to catch up on, but I have been pretty exhausted making my little person!  I am feeling kicks on a regular basis now, & have even had Braxton Hicks (I think, it's hard to tell what is happening the first time you feel something!).  Squiggle is growing like a weed, & I am beginning to look very pregnant.  Sometimes, I am excited about this.  Other times, I wish I remember what it was like to glance down & see my feet, or to lay flat on my back comfortably, or to fall asleep quickly on my stomach.  Overall, we are very excited & I love feeling our little one getting comfortable!  Here is a photo dump of iPhone/IG pictures...

Baby Letters Diary.

Writing love letters to our little one.  I keep this book with me all the time.

Pizza Cravings.

Serious pizza cravings.  Bear makes the BEST homemade pizza.  I am spoiled!

Grapefruit with Raspberry Sugar.

Fruit is another major staple in my diet these days.  Cannot get enough!

Morning #baby #belly.  Still small, but growing!  #pregnancy #junemommies #afterglow

Hey there, Squiggle belly!

Eclipse of the feet.

Glimpsing toes.

Halfway there! #pregnancy #junemommies #20wks


Now I only see my feet when I lean forward or walk... #pregnancy #junemommies

Good-bye, feet.

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I had a few adorable sessions recently as well, & I cannot wait to share them here!  I posted a few teasers over on my Facebook page.  I am also really motivated to inspire creativity in myself & others for 2013.  Please "like" my page if you are interested in being a part of Creation Resolution 2013!  There is also a contest I am running over there.  If you enter & are not local to Southern Maryland & win the prize, we can work out an alternative to the photo shoot (only for local applicants).  If you just want inspiration to help you have a more creative year, that's great, too!

Thanks for stopping by, I will be back SOON with client work & adorable stories!  I also have a couple tutorials in mind for the near future...

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