Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cinematography

Happy Wednesday!  It's time for more weddingness!  Yes, that is now a word.  For me.

I know I stated that the most important thing for me and our upcoming wedding is photography (biased, yes), and that holds true.  I already have my wonderfully talented Auntie Lynn shooting our big day and am thrilled!  But, I kinda forgot to mention that videography is also high on the list... as in, tied with photography.  I love great wedding films... they are an amazing way to relive your day and share it with your kids...

My parents had a wedding video, but unfortunately when they moved to Germany (where I was born, random fact), the box it was in fell off the dock and was claimed by the sea.  I never got to see it.  I wish I could.  I kinda want to track down their videographer and see if he kept an archive, maybe purchase a copy for their next anniversary or something... and watch it as well.  However, they DO still have their wedding album, which I may or may not have memorized...

SO, today is all about beautiful wedding films!  From the classy to the quirky to my absolute favorite... stop motion!

* Firstly, I LOVE this wedding (it's too cute!), and the video is adorable!

This video was created by the wonderful folks of FullFrame Digital Cinema, and they have TONS of amazing videos you can check out!

* This video is so sweet!  It also makes me really want to visit Australia even more...

The videographers are Honey & Dear, and I first saw this video because the photographers for the wedding were Last Forty Percent.  Both travelled from Canada to Australia for the event!  Wowzers!  (I kinda hope to one day be good enough to do the same, but for now, I remain local.)

* Another amazing video for you, this time from Fiore Films.  I love the masquerade theme... woah.

* This video is also really sweet!  It's the wedding of Kathryn, the brilliant mind behind Snippet & Ink, one of my go-to wedding blogs!

The film was done by Sandbox Love.

*This is the stop motion that made me fall in love with stop motion weddings!  How brilliant to showcase the shoes, earrings, and other details... have them MOVE!

You can see more of Bayly & Moore's work on their YouTube Channel!

Finally, this isn't video related, but I couldn't not mention it (well, two things, actually...)

1) Check out these amazing Save the Dates!  All are HAND EMBROIDERED and unique!  The bride and groom spent 6 months making these themselves.  Wow!  (I showed this to my MOH, and she said "I love you, but no."  I said "ha, like I could pull it off anyway!  I just had to share!")

via: westervin on flickr

2) Two of my friends just got engaged!  "Just" being about two weeks ago by now, I guess.  He is off in Japan cleaning up some nasty radioactiveness or something, but the ring is GORGEOUS and they are so happy together!  It makes me smile, because they began dating after I got him to sing her a silly karaoke song, and they've been together ever since!  Awwww.  Congrats to Mel and Zack!  (I expect a Simpson's reference in your wedding, BTW!)

Have a LOVEly Wednesday!
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