Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tuesday After a Holiday Weekend...


I wish I could say that without the sarcastic face I am wearing.  Which you can't see.  But trust me, it's on right now.

We ran into more issues (if you can trend your own hashtag on Twitter, I am trending #kitchenrenovationnightmares right now...), including but not limited to: the pole cover we purchased to cover the ugly AC freon pipe in the middle of the room will not work until we first cover the pole in a PVC pipe casing; there are no studs in the walls to support our awkwardly sized hanging cabinets; there is a working water pipe running through the wall where we planned on adding said missing studs that has to be rerouted, involving ripping out more drywall and then patching, painting, and all the other things involved in that.  Also, we need special adhesive for the pole project that we didn't know about because the instructions and required goodies list was imbedded in the packaging for said pole cover.

But we did get quite a bit done: the new fridge is in and all food items have undergone their relocation program, the cabinetry is all painted, the backsplash tile has been purchased, the sink is installed and works, and the new lighting fixtures are... underway.  Phew.

In other news, it is now my birthday week!  Yay!  I am pretty excited about feeling special for a while.  :)

Things we plan to do/ things Bear agreed to do for me:

* thrift store adventure

* photo safari with friends

* a make-believe trip to Disneyland that may or may not involve creating a pretend park in the back yard out of cardboard boxes...

* a poem written by Bear for me!

* possibly hit up an Estate sale

* see the new Pirates movie with friends on Friday night (I saw the other movies on my birthdays in the past, so I am excited to bring back that tradition!)

* get a kiwi smoothie

* hit up the Local Karaoke Bar for a bit tomorrow with friends?

* laugh a lot

That's about it.  It would be pretty sweet if I got some of my birthday wish list items too, though!  haha

And... this totally made my day.  Muppets are a necessity in life!

Happy Tuesday, Snappers!!!
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  1. Yay kitchen, and yay birthday week! I will see you tonight, I hope!

  2. Yup! I am so over this stupid kitchen right now. Ugh. BUT I know we'll practically live in it when it's finished...


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