Friday, September 9, 2011

Photobomb Friday: MDRF

Well, the college was closed yesterday and apparently all state parks are closed due to major flooding as well, which gives me a four-day weekend.  We have major sinkholes eating up parts of the main highway, and our little road is basically washed away, but so far the house itself hasn't sustained any damage. I hope our luck holds seeing as we potentially have another three days of torrential downpours to look forward to!  Honestly, between the earthquake, Irene, and these storms and flooding... I am beginning to wonder if I should start making religion a big part of my life again!  It's possibly the end of the world, and all I can think about is how I'm going to go crazy if I am stuck inside much longer!

Anyway, today is a photobomb of our Sunday at Maryland Renaissance Festival!  We met up with a group of friends and had a pretty terrific time!  Usually I am talked into buying something handmade and expensive, often a corset, which I then never wear.  I like to breathe too much, I suppose.  This time, Bear and I invested in these gorgeous wooden mugs that I cannot stop using!  I am drinking my tea from it right now... as I type!





I particularly enjoy the Trekkies.  Random!  I didn't take very many pictures this time, but we'll be back.  As always, you can see more photos on my Flickr!  You can get there by the button on the right sidebar!  I just redid those buttons to go with the new fall theme!  All three pictures were taken with my iPhone 3GS and edited on the Instagram app.

Well, the rainy days have done a few good things.  One, we are catching up on sleep!  Two, we watched the extended edition of all three Lord of the Rings movies, which I haven't seen since they were in theatres.  Three, we plan on doing some cleaning, and I also hope to have time at the piano!  So far, it hasn't been too bad.  Just wet, humid, and not very friendly to the roads.

I hope you are doing well wherever you are!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope I will be back on Monday!


PS- Be sure to click the "Blogging Worldwide" icon to the right to visit Mary Rebecca's blog and see the list of other bloggers around the world who participated in her round up!  You may find someone you really like there... I already found two or three new bloggers I am interested in learning more about, and I haven't really had a chance to check them all out yet!  Not to mention she's still working on putting up all the lists!  I think the States were the first country posted, so there is definitely a lot more to come!
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