Friday, October 14, 2011

A Photo Challenge...

So, Squeebie sent me a message via FB asking me to test out my new lens with a few specific shots.  I wasn't able to complete the whole list, yet, but among the images she wanted to see were:

Bear rolling a cigarette; a favorite childhood toy; a picture of me without a camera (which I couldn't do, so I had a "prop camera" instead, but I think generally she wanted a photo of me in front of a lens, rather than behind it); and a picture of Josie.

There are others, and they will come later.  For now, these are the shots I will address.

First, here's my BooBear rolling his own cigarette.  The process is multi-stepped, and he's a pro so he's super fast.  I thought it best to take step-by-step images.

rolling a cigarette
rolling a cigarette

Second, here's my favorite childhood toy.  Well, these are two things that have carried through my childhood; a blanket my mother knit while pregnant with me, and a dog stuffed with nut shells I picked up at a family member's yardsale in Tennessee.  The yardsale had my little brother and I giddy at all the toys going away, and we were told we could choose ONE toy to keep.  When I got him, he had a pom-pom nose and two eyebrows.  He has since lost the nose and a brow, and is stitched up all over (that's how I know he's stuffed with nutshells!).  I cleverly named my two most precious belongings "Blankie" and "Doggie", because I had a lot of imagination.  Ha.  They travelled the states with me and my military family, went to college with me, and moved with me to Bear's house.  For YEARS I couldn't sleep without having them both with me, Blankie under my head and Doggie under my arm.  Like, truly years.  Until I was way too old for things like that... it was my hangover from childhood comforts, I guess.


Third, a few pictures of me.  These will be on the new website.  Pay no attention to the belly... I am the worst at sticking to diet and exercise!  Oh, well.


Lastly, some adorable shots of Josie.  She was game when Bear was with her.  Then I tried to shoot her alone... She sits on command, and then looks around anxiously for Bear to get her a treat.  Which is why she didn't look at me at all!  Bear asked if she let me get any good shots or if she was a butthead.  Well, she's an adorable butthead.  And I can't expect too much from her with her separation anxiety, her boy was a whole flight of stairs ahead of her!  He could have forgotten about her!  OH THE HORROR!!!

Bear's Best Friend

Do you have any requests for photos to see here?  I kinda enjoy this "assignment" thing, as it gives me a challenge between sessions!  Keeps me sharp!

Happy Friday!

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  1. The second picture of Bear and Josie is adorable. Also, new couch camera strap?

  2. Off topic, I know, but I love your hair!!

  3. Favorites:
    Bear smoking his cigarette,
    Doggie and Blankie,
    Bear and Josie,
    Middle pic of Josie, she is so painfully obvious in that pic.


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