Saturday, January 21, 2012

iPhonography: Wedding Edition

Alrighty, so I am still awaiting photos to come back (a few from the photobooth run by Ken Morrill have been posted on his Facebook already!), but in the meantime I decided to share the shamefully few images I managed to take with my iPhone.  Some of the photos were actually pilfered from friends, including Patchie (the photo of me) and my coworker Bonnie (me dancing with LM).

I can't believe it's been two weeks!  Crazy town!

Me, by @patchieverbs!
Wedding gift boxes
Paper crane
Wedding camera
Wedding nails
Dapper little dancer
Directed by love
Heading home
Mountain of gifts!

I am so lucky and incredibly grateful to have married my best friend!!!

I can't wait till photos come in so I can share them!
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  1. Very lucky indeed. Both of you. :)



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