Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preparation for Fun

This coming weekend, Bear and I are attending the PA Renaissance Festival, known as PARF for short, with Patchie and her Boy, along with a few other friends!  I'm pretty stoked to tote along Pig, the post owl, and photograph more of his adventures!

Here's the thing; Ren Fest is a BIG deal among out circle of friends.  We went last year as often as possible, and had a blast!  Patchie has worked the MDRF, as have other of our friends, and every year we make a new talented artisan friend there... or twelve.  Ha.  My friends probably own more garb  than normal clothes, and everywhere they go they look for something they can utilize in their next RF outfit.

I'm a little outside this bracket; I own a red skirt I bought from Walmart in the late 1990's, some other maxi skirts from thrift stores, a few corsets, a leather top I love, some suede boots from a Payless sale, one jester costume I made for a skit in high school, and a million stripey socks I pretend are a good outfit choice.  My garb section in our closet is significantly smaller than Bear's, with the exception of my belt collection which he has mostly stolen anyway.  I DO have a super sweet leather mug with the Tree of Life on it that I adore, though.  :)

Anyway, this prep time is always the part I dread the most.  While everyone else is sifting through piles of garb and gear, I am filing through all my clothes trying to find anything that will work for faire.  I have to be pretty creative to get together a worthy outfit that looks period, but mostly came from thrift stores and Target.  I LOVE a ton of the stuff I see at faire, but honestly, I can't justify buying $100+ pieces to make an outfit I'll only wear a couple of times a year.  It's different if you work there and have to dress period every day, but for a casual appearance like I make, it's just insane.  Plus, it would really cut in on my camera and lenses budget.  Ha!

Anyway, that is where we are right now.  On Saturday, I will be at PARF with a ton of spiffy, well dressed individuals, shooting a billion photos!  If you are in the area and plan on attending, holler if you see me!  I'll take your picture!

Keep tuned for tomorrow's Photobomb... all about going to Medieval Times on an invite from Patchie's faire wench friend, Pixie and her Beaux.  Ah, yes.  More code names.  :)

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