Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Not to be confused with ketchup.  Ew.  (I'm allowed my "ew", I can't eat tomatoes.  Don't cry for me... Argentina..., I only miss the little cherry tomatoes.  Otherwise, I feel it's no real loss.)

An old cell phone picture of old entrance to kitchen (Cyn is in the doorway!)  Not pretty.  Look at that carpet!  Bleh.  There is a 2x4 holding up our countertop there... and the microwave is on a rolling cabinet from the 1980's that was once painted white,, and has since turned grey.

Lately, we've been renovating our "kitchen", which had blue carpet and yellow and blue walls and a hideous blue flower wallpaper edging around the ceiling. It was once Bear's childhood bedroom (with a different paint job back then!).  The house we live in is divided into apartments, and we have the upstairs, which was originally designed for Bear and his brother and sister when they were kids.  Because our space originally had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common "game room", we have had to do a lot of work to make it work as an apartment.  One room is our master bedroom (it was his older sister's room and has it's own bathroom).  Another is our office space/ guest room/ music room/ studio.  The "game room" is now the "living room".  And we are in the process of turning the last bedroom into a REAL KITCHEN!!!

I'm sure I haven't mentioned that... right?  Maybe once?  Or... constantly?

We knocked down walls and painted the room "Toasted Apricot", as well as repainted the hall wall a brighter blue.  No more carpet!!!  The color is pretty intense at the moment, but once the cabinets, backsplash, etc are installed, and we get the hutch and furniture back in (we have all really dark wood furniture), I think it will be perfect!  By the way, this is the same viewpoint as the first picture!!!

Clearly, I am excited!  We've been working non-stop, knocking down walls, painting, installing new flooring, patching walls, rewiring things, measuring, running to Lowes, Home Depot, then Lowes again, looking online for things, getting my parents and his to help, wrangling cats and dogs from open paint cans... it's tiring but so wonderful!  I can't wait for everything to come together!

See?  We started with the left, found supplies and made a plan (center, but we opted for the deeper apricot shade under the one pictured; you can kinda see our shade poking out), and now are on the right... well, actually a little more has been done since this last shot...

Please forgive the lack of creative posting... I am just so incredibly preoccupied.  We're also getting the house ready for Bear's sister's wedding which takes place here in June!  It's just plain crazy town where we are right now!

Regardless, I will keep posting as planned, Monday - Friday, and hopefully I will get posts back to interesting topics.  This little blog is becoming very important to me... my little corner of the universe as it were.  I hope it will continue to grow over time.  It's one of the few things I have been completely dedicated to since getting started, and I am loving learning about so many other people... and myself.

Well, I will be back tomorrow with some wedding things!  Today, Patchie and I may be meeting up for another romp through the State Park (which will be nice, since my morning will involve lugging a ton of 2x4's to the dump and painting a million cabinets, and yet another run to Lowe's!).  I talked about it for the last Photobomb on Friday, and you can see the park through Patchie's eyes here!!!

She took a bunch of photos of me looking awkward with way too many cameras hanging off my neck...

Photos of me via Patchie

Have a lovely Tuesday!
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  1. That picture makes the new color look so dark! Haha.

    I can come help next week if you're still doing stuff, this week is just super busy (except today, but you need to get out of there for a little while!).


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